Did Drug Cartel kill 14 policemen in Mexico?

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At least fourteen policemen were killed in El Aguaje, in Mexico when they were carrying out an order from the court. It is believed that Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel ambushed their convoy.

El Aguaje and nearby places have been a hotspot for violence, a home to war between drug cartels. Officials said they won’t hold back unless people responsible are held. Ever since Andrés Manuel López Obrador took the Mexican president’s office last December, his aim has been to eradicate drug-related crimes.

So what exactly happened in El Aguaje?

As the patrol vehicles approached the town, they were ensnared by a group of heavily equipped men in several trucks which then open fired on the patrol cars, setting them on fire.

Other than three injured, it is believed at least 14 policemen lost their lives. For a long time El Aguaje has held imperial importance between two cartels: CJNG (Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel) and Los Viagras, to take control of this town.

The reason for believing that this crime was committed by CJNG was a message left at the site along with the fact that less than a week from this incident, their supposed leader was killed by the Michoacán police.

Three months ago, Michoacán police found 7 dead bodies on the road and nine bodies hung on a bridge.

After yesterday’s attack the federal government extended a hand to the state authorities to tackle this issue. Silvano Aureoles Conejo, Michoacán’s Governor exclaimed that there will be ‘NO IMPUNITY’ for the attackers.

Despite numerous attempts and small victories over CJNG by both Federal and State government, the cartel has gained enormous amount of power in the past few years. Last year itself the government recorded in excess of 29,000 murders, worsening the situation is the fact that this year it is on the road of passing that figure.

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