Air India creates history after using a TaxiBot on a commercial Airbus flight

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Yesterday, Air India created history by becoming the first airline to use a TaxiBot in the world. It was used on an Airbus A320 flight from Delhi flying for Mumbai (AI665). The TaxiBot taxiing the flight was flagged off by Air India’s MD and Chairman Ashwani Lohani.

The TaxiBot (Taxiing Robot) was developed by a French company in partnership with Israel Aerospace Industries. TaxiBot will be used to pull the plane from its parking way to the runway through a pilot-controlled semi robot aircraft tractor.

Mr. Lohani said, ‘The use of Taxibot on the Air India aircraft at Indira Gandhi International Airport today morning is the first such usage on any Airbus aircraft worldwide. Really an achievement to be proud of. A giant step forward towards a cleaner environment’.

TaxiBots will only be used for the flights waiting for departure and it is said that this device will help the company in saving costs as it will save fuel and engine’s wear and tear as the aircraft’s engine will be off during this course.

Additionally, with the use of TaxiBots, Air India has taken a leap in restricting the carbon emission.

It is estimated that by using TaxiBots 85% of the fuel used during taxiing of the plane will be saved. This is another initiative take by Air India team that is led by Director Operations Captain Amitabh Singh which ensures reduction in carbon footprint, before this, Air India took over the headlines by becoming the first Indian airline to use the Polar Route to fly to San Francisco which not only saved company on flying time and fuel cost but also curbed carbon emission.

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