Delhi Power Crisis: Centre Slams Kejriwal Government For Misleading Public With Misinformation

Incorrect Figures Presented About Coal Reserves In the National Capital Centre VS Kejriwal


  • Union Power Minister RK Singh claims that the Delhi Government presented incorrect figures on the coal stock, igniting panic in the national capital.
  • Delhi Power Minister Satyendar Jain set alarm bells ringing by claiming that the primary power plants in the national capital have only a day’s stock left.
  • He mentions enough coal stock in the Dadri, Unchahar, Kahalgaon and Jhajjar power plants for 5-8 days.

Amid the ongoing power crisis in the country, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal wrote a letter to PM Modi requesting his intervention on the shortage of coal in the national capital. The Delhi Government expressed concern over a possible disruption in the 24-hour power supply to the Delhi Metro, hospitals and other fundamental institutions.

Union Minister RK Singh has rubbished the claims and hit out at the opposition parties for causing needless panic across the state. Replying to Delhi’s SOS letter, he stated that the figures presented by Delhi Power Minister Satyendar Jain were incorrect and that the country has enough coal supply stock, which is being replenished every day. Expressing his displeasure over the letter, he referred to this act as ‘reprehensible’ that triggered unwanted trepidation among the public. Citing previous instances, he referred to a similar situation created in October 2021 regarding the disruption of power supplies, which proved to be completely groundless.

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According to RK Singh, Dadri, on April 29th, had 202.40 thousand tonnes of coal stock which suffices for 8.43 days at 85% PLF (Plant Load Factor). Meanwhile, coal stock at the Unchahar, Kahalgaon and Jhajjar plants was 97.62, 187 and 234.22 thousand tonnes which would be sufficient for 5,31 days, and 8.38 days, 8.02 days, respectively. He also mentioned that the NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation) had declared a 100% availability from Unchahr and Dadri power stations.

He also mentioned that the coal stocks at the aforementioned power stations were being replenished every day from domestic sources, and the coal imported for blending purposes.

The minister underlined that the Delhi Government has failed to make advanced gas supply arrangements and that its Power Department is expected to monitor these issues meticulously. He also highlighted that the state had surrendered some of the power allotted to Delhi from the Central pool in 2015. This was followed by power capacity being offered to all states in the years afterwards (’17, ’18, ’19, and so on), which was not objected to by the Delhi Government. However, in 2021, the Delhi Government abruptly claimed that they had not surrendered the power, which was wrong, added RK Singh.

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