Delhi a gas chamber?: Below are the ways to minimise the harm to body

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Since we were children we were told that walking (especially morning walks) and exercising are good for us, however since the past couple of days the air quality in Delhi NCR has broken all records as AQI touched 1,000 at some places in Delhi NCR (the scale ranges from 0-1,000), to give you some perspective, AQI of London, UK is 10, New York, USA is 15, Ottawa, Canada is 13, and Islamabad, Pakistan is 112.

According to the Air Quality Index (AQI), if the air quality mark surpasses 500 then it is considered as ‘Severe-plus emergency’. If the AQI is between 0-50 it is considered ‘good’, between 51-100 is ‘satisfactory’, between 101-200 is said to be ‘moderate’, between 201-300 is considered ‘very poor’, and between 401-500 is ‘severe’

A day after Diwali, air quality in Delhi NCR was already hovering between severe and Severe-plus emergency, and today the AQI at various places in Delhi touched 1,000. Delayed exposure to this smog is not only harmful for your skin and eyes, but also for your lungs.

Below you will find ways that you can follow to minimise the effect on your body:

Say no to Walks:

Walking outside and taking fresh air are considered good for health, but today, if you go out of your house you won’t find ‘FRESH’ air, all you will see if thick smog. The air quality in all of Delhi NCR is seeing all time worse of air quality in recent times. We recommend walking inside your home rather than walking outside.

Wear masks:

It time for us to invest in some good Anti-pollution masks to avoid breathing toxic and polluted air. Make sure the mask you get has atleast N95 rating. You can find the list of pollution masks that you can buy on other our other article here.

Eat to boost immune:

Looking at the deteriorating air quality, one need to be extra cautious and strengthen his/her immune system. This is not very difficult to do, all you need to do in incorporate certain thing into your current diet like Vitamin C rich food which includes Potatoes, Tomatoes, Oranges, Lemons, Kiwi, green and red peppers. Also increase Vitamin E intake with foods like Spinach, Sunflower/olive oil, Peanuts, and Almonds. 

Hydration is key:

Drink more liquids than you usually do, have lots of water, fruit or vegetable juices in order to flush out the toxins and pollutants that have entered your body.

Get plants indoor:

It is scientifically proven that plants inside your house/office or any space clean the air. One can get plants like Spider plant, Pothos, Snake Plant, and Dracaena which are known for their air purification traits.

Make sure you visit a doctor if you are finding is difficult to breathe or facing some issue due to the pollution. Ignoring them will bring do you more bad than good.

We are sharing a small video depicting how the smog engulfed Delhi on Diwali’s night shared by AQI India on their twitter handle.

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