Haryana: 5 year old girl fell into a Borewell 50 feet deep, rescue process underway!!

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A 5 year old girl from Harsinghpura gaon of Karnal district in Haryanafell into a borewell said to be 50 feet deep and all possible attempts are being made to get her out to safety.

According to a police office, the girl was playing in the field yesterday and went missing, the family and their friends started searching for the child later to be found that she has fallen into the borewell owned by the family.

As soon as the police and the district administration got a hold of this news, they started rescue operations. A short while later the National Defence Response Force (NDRF) were informed. The rescue personnel used a camera to look inside the borewell where they saw the child’s leg, oxygen is also being supplied inside the borewell.

Like any other 5 year old, she too was scared, so to make her feel like there are people above trying to help and her parents are also present an audio recording of her parents’ was played for her.

In June 2019, 2 year old Fatehvir Singh fell into a borewell in Punjab could not be saved as the rescue operation took over 96 hours and he was later declared dead in the hospital after being flown to a hospital.

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