Anti-pollution masks has become a necessity in Delhi NCR??

“Protesters wearing gas masks staged a Òdie-inÓ surrounding a giant neon gas mask banner in George Square ahead of a Glasgow Council Environment Committee meeting today. They aimed to highlight the devastating health impacts of air pollution in the city and urged Councillors to improve upon plans that they said amounted to a ‘No Ambition Zone’ rather than a ‘Low Emission Zone.Õ Ò Ian MacNicol Free to use

Recently the AQI (Air Quality Index) is not reading good number, in fact the numbers show that Delhi and NCR have become unliveable with air quality now in ‘severe emergency’ category. Today the AQI showed 1,000 at some places (the range of AQI if 0-1,000) only limited because of it range, people assume it is way beyond 1,000. AQI of London, UK is 10, New York, USA is 15, Ottawa, Canada is 13, and Islamabad, Pakistan is 112.

The reason for this is said the burning of ‘stubble’ in the states of Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh along with road dust, garbage burning and pollution from factories and motor vehicles. The air has become toxic, it is believed that on an average a human being breathes in 8 litres of air per day, now just imagine that 8 litre of air being toxic air, how much it would affect your lungs, and throat.  People are finding it difficult to breathe, their eyes are burning and facing headaches. This all makes it a necessity to own and wear an anti-pollution mask nowadays.

Having said that, buying just any mask won’t help, a good quality mask with at least N95 rating should have a tight fit around your face to save you from 95% particles of fumes, pollutants, PM10, and PM2.5 from reaching your throat and lungs. Below you’ll find list of anti-pollution masks at different price points that you can buy for your family and of course yourself to reduce the harmful effect to its minimum.

This mask offers protection from 95% of PM2.5 pollutions with its 5 layer filtration process and 99% filtration from bacteria, as tested by the Nelson Laboratories is ideal for people in the age group of 7 and above.

This mask offers upto 99% protection from PM2.5 pollution particles. This mask comes with a smart valve which makes breathing out easy and reduces moisture accumulation on the inside.

This mask from Dettol comes with a smart valve as well and offer protection from 95% of pollution particles of PM2.5, PM0.3, smokes, pollen, and pathogens such as viruses and bacteria.

This mask from Pollution Safe comes 4 layer of protection from pollutants of PM2.5, dust particles and microorganism like bacteria and virus.

3M offers 99% protection from pollution particles of PM2.5 along with smoke, and dust with this mask. This too have a smart valve in it so that you can breathe out easily without creating moisture.

These masks are reusable and can even wash them (please go through the details for every products, some might not be washable), however you must know that they are not one time solution, any mask on an average works upto the standards only for 60-100 hours, after that it is highly advised you to get a new one.



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