Cristiano Ronaldo may be handed a ‘2 year ban’ for leaving the stadium before the final whistle

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On Sunday, Juventus went on to beat AC Milan but it brought more problems for Cristiano Ronaldo than he would have ever imagined.

On 6th of November, during a Champions League match he was substituted by Coach Maurizio Sarri when the scores were level at 1-1, though Juventus won the match by 2-1, Ronaldo wasn’t too happy with his substitution.

Against AC Milan, the same was repeated, Paulo Dybala replaced Ronaldo in the 55th minute of the game with the scores still level at 1-1, but only this time Ronaldo, the 5 time Ballon d’Or winner was agitated with his substitution and was seen whispering something while looking the Sarri. Ronaldo walked straight down the tunnel as he got substituted.

However, Sarri’s decision was again on point as Dybala scores the only and decisive goal of the match in the 77th minute, securing the victory for the ‘Old Lady’.

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In the meantime, it did not seem too important to Ronaldo to stick around until the end of the match to see if his team wins the match or not.

Though the caption on the tweet say ‘Cristiano Ronaldo subbed off and booed by Juve fans?’ people are saying that the fans were actually booing Sarri for substituting Ronaldo, but nonetheless, his substitution clinched the victory.

According to Football Italia, Ronaldo had left the stadium before the match had even ended.

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Apparently, this could land Ronaldo a 2 year ban according to Antonio Cassano, former Italian footballer, who himself was on the verge of getting this ban.

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On a Italian TV Show Tiki-Taka, Cassano asked ‘Did he leave before the end of the game?’ and added ‘You can’t do that because there is an anti-doping control, and I had to go back to the stadium urgently to avoid a two-year ban’.

Though we do not know if Cassano’s story is accurate, but since there is this rule, Ronaldo can face a lot of trouble, as missing out of anti doping test has the same repercussions as missing drug test. 

Having said that, we assume (for the good) that Ronado must have confirmed with the authorities whether he is or he isn’t on the list of randomly selected players for anti doping test at the end of the match. But god forbid, if he did not, and he was on that list of players, Ronaldo could see a severe penalty coming his way.

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