BTS From The Kapil Sharma Show Reveals Archana Will Not Be A Part Of Their Upcoming US Tour. Here’s Why!

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Kumkum Pattnaik
Kumkum Pattnaik
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Archana Puran Singh, judge of Sony TV India’s The Kapil Sharma Show, loves to share BTS (Behind The Scene) drama from the show on her social media accounts giving fans an insight into the crazy world of their most cherished comedy show. Recently, she posted a BTS Instagram reel having fun banter with Krushna revealing that she will not be joining Kapil and the team for their upcoming US tour.

In the video, Archana can be seen asking Krushna his plans for the day. Krushna responds by saying “Humara massage rahenga, ek crore mangegi”. To this, Archana adds saying “Milega nahi” and Krushna starts laughing. He then playfully pulls her leg by saying that the team is not taking her for the US tour.

Archana hits him afterwards and jokingly says “Gande Log, Paise bachane ke chakkar mein. Tum hi note peeto hum na peetein. Aur badnaam mujhe kiya hua hai,”. Here Archana light-heartedly points at the team calling them out for not taking her on the tour in order to save money. Jokes apart, Krushna says that Archana is an indispensable part of the show and there are ongoing talks to take her along on the tour. Archana says that all of this is a blatant lie and that she won’t be a part of the tour. Krushna bursts out laughing making it evident that it was a joke.

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In another fun video, Archana gave her fans a glimpse of Kiku Sharda aka Damodar Vakeel’s room alongside the arrangements made for guests to sit and entertain themselves until called on stage. Often trolled for just sitting and laughing on the show, Archana has always opposed such views saying that being quick-witted and spontaneous is not a child’s play.

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