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Monika Ahuja
Monika Ahuja
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Looking for the best Netflix series of all time? Today, Netflix is one of the leading streaming services, with over 209 million paid subscriptions from 190 different countries across the globe. It documents some of the world’s best shows that are loved by millions worldwide. But back in 1997, when Netflix was formed by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings in Scotts Valley, California, it was just another DVD rental and sales website company with a meagre 30 employees. The company started it’s video streaming services back in the year 2007, with just 1,000 films available for streaming. 

Over the years, as their video output ballooned, the company soon became one of the best streaming service providers in the world. But the success came much later in 2017 when Netflix announced that it would be making its first original series under the banner of “Netflix Originals”, a Colombian series produced by Ciro Guerra. As of August 2022, Netflix Originals made up 50% of Netflix’s overall video library in the United States. It had also released several award-winning shows, series, and movies even before the theatre released them. Netflix is available and accessible on all types of electronic devices and is operational in most countries worldwide.

If you are a cinema lover and enjoy watching series more than movies, then you’ve landed at the right place. This blog briefs and guides about the leading Netflix series that are educating yet entertaining. Check out the list and thank us later for the amazing screen time.

List Of Top 10 Netflix Series Of All Time

1. Squid Game (2021)

Gi-hun, a forty-seven-year-old character in SQUID GAME, cohabitates with his mother and occasionally works as a driver. Following the theft of his mother’s debit card, which he used to extract her earnings and take them to a casino, he is being pursued by debt collectors who threaten to remove his kidney & his eyes if he does not pay their debts within a month. Things become worse when his 10-year-old daughter, who is residing with her rich stepfather, decides to relocate to a far-off place. Then, in a subway station, a mysterious figure with a briefcase approaches Gi-hun and offers him the chance to play a kid’s game in exchange for real money. As per the deal, he will be spanked for his losses and will make money for his wins. Squid Game is certainly one of the best Netflix series of all time with all its twists and turns. Watch the full series to know if Gi-hun makes some good money. 

Director: Hwang Dong-hyuk

Creator: Hwang Dong-hyuk

Genre: Action, Thriller, Mystery, Drama, Survival, Horror fiction, Action fiction

Cast: HoYeon Jung, Lee Jung-jae, Wi-haa joon, Lee yoo-mi, Park hoe-soo, Gong yoo

IMDb Rating: 8

Seasons and Episodes: 2 episodes

2. Stranger things (2016)

Stranger Things is one of the most discussed Netflix shows for all the right reasons! Since the show’s premiere back in 2016, it soon became a global sensation, and today it is one of the top series on Netflix of all time. This program has everything it takes to be great Netflix series: adventure, humour, drama, mystery, and even a touch of nostalgia. The series will keep the audience engaged and amused throughout and is incredibly fun to watch. 

Season 1 was undoubtedly the finest, but the remaining seasons are equally engaging. It has enough human conflicts, adolescent soap opera love triangles, and nostalgic kids’ activities to keep viewers interested throughout its 8 episodes. Once you start watching, you start engaging with the show’s characters and care deeply about these people and what happens to them. This show will make you experience all the eternal emotions, regardless of whether you have experienced or desired them. 

Director: Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer, Jessie Nickson-Lopez

Creator: Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer

Genre: Horror, Horror fiction, Thriller, Drama, Supernatural, Mystery, Historical drama

Cast: Millie booby, Finn Wolfhard, Sadie sink, Noah Schnapp, Caleb Mcaughlin, Gaten Matarazzo, Joe Keery

IMDb Rating: 8.7

Seasons and Episodes: 4 seasons

3. Wednesday (2022)

It seems like Jenna Ortega, the show’s protagonist, was meant to portray the oldest Addams’ daughter the way she shines in the role. Ortega’s change in Wednesday appears seamless; that makes it one of the best Netflix series of all time. Ortega has all the oddities, coldness, and harsh remarks connected with her character. Wednesday is presented with remarkable depth and avoids being cartoonish or one-dimensional.

This series is created by Tim Burton, whose passion for Hammer Horror and the macabre is quite evident, as well as his gloomy sense of humour. The entire cast is outstanding, especially Emma Myers, who plays Enid, whose vibrant energy is a startlingly good fit for our protagonist’s lack of colour.

Director: Charles Addams, Miles Millar, Alfred Gough

Creator: Miles Millar, Alfred Gough

Genre: Fantasy, Coming-of-age story, Supernatural, Comedy horror, Supernatural fiction

Cast: Jenna Ortega, Christina Ricci, Catherine Zeta zones, Luis Guzman, Emma Myers, George burcea

IMDb Rating: 8.2

Seasons and Episodes: 1 season and 8 episodes

4. Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (2022)

This series is both a surprise and a discovery. The way Jeffrey Dahmer is portrayed may anger many people, yet David Jacobson, the filmmaker, consistently maintains control. He clearly did his homework since the most significant finding is Dahmer’s latent and suppressed homosexuality, which helps to explain his propensity for murder. 

Jeremy Renner portrays the main character in a highly nuanced and complicated way. He had to act this way to approach his victims more closely. It’s amazing that he could even function, considering how uncaring his parents are toward him. Watch this show to observe how his life progressively descended into a nightmare. The minimalist approach used by Mr Renner fits the script perfectly. Start binge-watching this show today for its interesting climax. 

Director: Ryan Murphy; Ian Brennan

Creator: Ryan Murphy; Ian Brennan

Genre: Thriller, Crime Fiction

Cast: Evan Peters, Niecy Nash, Molly Ringwald, Richard Jenkins, Shaun J.Brown, Colin ford, Michael Learned, Brandon black 

IMDb Rating: 7.9

Seasons and Episodes: 1 season and 10 episodes

5. Money Heist (2017)

A gang of robbers breaks into the Spanish National Mint and steals valuables under the direction of a guy also known as “the Professor.” They seem to mess up since they are now trapped in the Mint alongside 67 hostages. But everything is part of the Professor’s strategy. They will get away with more than 2 billion euros if their plan is successful.

Money Heist is undoubtedly one of the best Netflix series that shows a bunch of robbers making mistakes, coming up with fixes, and all the misadventures in an utterly unbelievable fashion combined with some mind-boggling action stunts. Watch the show to see how an unreal robbery becomes a reality!

Director: Álex Pina

Creator: Álex Pina

Genre: Heist, Drama, Thriller, Crime film

Cast: Alvaro marte, Ursula corbero, Pedro alonso, Itziar Itono,Alba flores

IMDb Rating: 8.2

Seasons and Episodes: 5 seasons and 41 episodes

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6. Bridgerton (2020)

The main plot of the first season follows Daphne, the oldest Bridgerton daughter, as she joins the cutthroat dating scene. Young ladies are presented to young men in a succession of gatherings and dances, and then the favourites are called home to be evaluated by the families for appropriateness. After winning the approval of Queen Charlotte, Daphne’s inaugural season gets off to a rousing start, and she becomes the topic of much discussion. However, after a few setbacks that make her think that she’s losing her “worth”, Daphne devises a plan with the aid of a gorgeous duke named Simon, who isn’t interested in getting married. Watch the series to know the secret of their marriage. 

Director: Chris Van Dusen, Julia Quinn, Sarah Dollard, Joy C. Mitchell

Creator: Chris Van Dusen

Genre: Romance, Fiction, Regency Romance, Historical Fiction, Alternate history

Cast: Rege jean page, Phoebe Dynevor, Jonathan bailey, Simone Ashley

IMDb Rating: 7.4

Seasons and Episodes: 2 seasons and 16 episodes

7. Lucifer (2016)

The titular being Lucifer is a unique, slightly naughty interpretation of the fallen angel that roams our planet with luxury and style. It features a lot of pop culture allusions, fantastic music, and, most importantly, Tom Ellis, the lead actor, delivers a credible performance.

Lucifer is a charming guy, far from being threatening. He has a lovely accent, wears excellent clothes, and is quite persuasive throughout the show. He exudes confidence and naturally can influence others without appearing conceited or haughty. Tom Ellis absolutely strides with such confidence that it almost seems as if he is embracing the role. Lucifer is definitely a rollercoaster ride and one of the best Netflix series of all time. The show evokes a wide range of feelings in you. Even though it is a fictional narrative, it becomes so personal that you feel you are truly there. It offers great insight and teaches us so much. The characters are all so beautifully written and relatable, and the actors have done a commendable job.

Director: Tom Kapinos, Mike Dringenberg, Ildy Modrovich,

Creator: Tom Kapinos, Mike Dringenberg, Ildy Modrovich,

Genre: Police procedural, Urban Fantasy, Comedy-drama, Mystery, Occult detective fiction, Crime TV genre

Cast: Tom ellis, Lauren german, Kevin alejendro, D.B.Woodside, Aimee garcia

IMDb Rating: 8.1

Seasons and Episodes: 6 season 

8. Ginny and Georgia (2021)

Ginny & Georgia is a story of Ginny Miller, a fifteen-year-old teenager who is more mature than her thirty-year-old mother, Georgia. This fictional story takes you to the town of Wellsbury in New England, where Georgia decides to settle down with her daughter Ginny and her son Austin after years on the run so that she can give them a better life. But it’s not all as simple as she expected, as Georgia’s past threatens her and her family’s new lifestyle. The story revolves around Georgia, an intriguing and multifaceted character. It shows how Georgia will do anything to protect her family.

Director: Sarah Lampert

Creator: Sarah Lampert, Debra J. Fisher, Briana Belser, Mike Gauyo, Ali Laventhol

Genre: Comedy-drama

Cast: Antonia gentry, Brainee Howey, Fellix mallard, Katie Douglas, Raymond Ablack

IMDb Rating: 7.5

Seasons and Episodes: 2 seasons and 20 episodes 

9. Vikings: Valhalla (2022)

Vikings: Valhalla, or simply Valhalla, is a historical drama depicting the Vikings’ events. This series chronicles the Viking Age’s beginning and end, which was marked by the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066.

King Sweyen Forkbeard now controls the Kattegat settlement after Olaf’s unsuccessful siege. This is where the next season takes up. Leif, Freydis, and Harald are compelled to flee the Viking stronghold due to shifting relationships and loyalties since it is no longer a place of safety for them. The group splits up right away, with Freydis going one way to find her destiny and Harald going another. Leif, who is with him, is unaware of what fate has in store for him, but there is something significant just around the corner. Watch the show to know more!

Director: Michael Hirst, Jeb Stuart

Creator: Michael Hirst, Jeb Stuart

Genre: Historical drama, Action drama and Adventure drama

Cast: Leo suter, Frida Gustavsson, LAura berlin, Sam corlet, Bradley Freegard

IMDb Rating:7.2

Seasons and Episodes: 2 seasons and 16 episodes 

10. Our planet (2019)

We borrow the land from our offspring rather than inheriting it from our parents. But procrastination and care for the environment always go together. The human population has indeed more than doubled since Neil Armstrong walked on the moon’s surface, but 60% of the animal species have vanished since then. Our planet is one of the best Netflix series of all time, as it teaches us to honour the natural treasures that are still present on our planet. The show urges us to be respectful and introspective when it comes to our planet. As a result, we experience every continent, every season, and all three fundamental aspects of nature (sea, air, earth) in the show. David Attenborough has a kind, comforting and convincing voice. This show is certainly a treat to watch!

Director: Salma Hayek, David Alterborough, Penelope Cruz

Creator: Salma Hayek, David Alterborough, Penelope Cruz

Genre: nature documentary

Cast: David Alterborough, Penelope Cruz

IMDb Rating:9.3

Seasons and Episodes: 1 season and 8 episodes 


With this, we come to the end of the 10 top Netflix series that are a must-watch this season! Watch these series for their outstanding ideation and perfect execution, and we ensure that you will learn something along the way. This super collection of the all-time best series is sure to keep you engaged and entertained. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the top 10 Netflix based on?

Such lists are made according to the number of hours each series has been seen by people globally. We have evaluated each of these series before curating the list for you. 

Q.2 What are the 10 most watched Netflix shows?

Here are the names of the 10 most watched and top Netflix series:

  1. Ginny & Georgia: Season 2
  2. Ginny & Georgia: Season 1
  3. Wednesday: Season 1
  4. Vikings: Valhalla: Season 2
  5. Kaleidoscope: Limited Series
  6. Vikings: Valhalla: Season 1
  7. Emily in Paris: Season 3
  8. New Amsterdam: Season 1
  9. The Walking Dead: Season 11
  10. The Recruit: Season 1

Q3. What is the highest rating Netflix series?

Squid Game (season 1) is the series with the highest rating on Netflix. It is a call to play children’s games for an enticing prize that attracts hundreds of cash-strapped competitors, but the risks associated are fatal.

Q4. What show is No one on Netflix?

Ginny & Georgia: Season 2 is the No 1 Show on Netflix today. The storyline is about a teenage girl, Ginny, and her family, who were on the run but are now eager to establish their roots in a charming New England village.

Q5. What is Netflix’s most popular original series?

Squid Game (season 1) is the most popular and best Netflix original series. Some other popular series are Stranger Things and Wednesday.

Q6. What is the best series on Netflix currently?

Netflix is a sea of shows and series. Many new shows have been released recently, such as Good Girls, Lost in Space, Designated Survivor, 13 Reasons Why, Shooter and the maid, etc.

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