Arvind Kejriwal: Delhi roads will be redesigned, pilot project to cost Rs. 400 crores

In a press conference held today, Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal announced that all the roads in Delhi that are managed by PWD will be redesigned. The redesigning will be done with Pedestrians, Cyclists, and beautification kept in mind.

Delhi’s CM held the structure of roads in Delhi liable for the current traffic situation and exclaimed that it urgently needs redesigning.

He added ‘traffic situation in Delhi can be improved. Roads in Delhi are broader than some Western countries, but here, a four-lane road converges into a three-lane road at some distance and further expands into a six-lane road, this is where the problem lies’.  He added ‘There is a need to redesign the roads. The biggest problem in Delhi is the multiplicity of agencies’.

In the press conference, Kejriwal shared some nascent design and sketches as to how the roads might look like after the redesigning work, on being asked about the budget, he said Rs. 400 crores will be spent to ensure the roads can be used by cyclists and pedestrians alike. He stated ‘On pilot basis, nine roads of 45 kilometers will be redesigned and two work orders have already be given. Work will be completed in next one year. The roads will be designed to remove bottle necks, improve traffic and prevent accidents’.

Earlier this month, Kejriwal launched a campaign wherein he aims to make Delhi pothole free and will be undertaken by the PWD (Public Works Department) under his government.

In addition, the government also prepared a software to keep the data related to roads of Delhi, he tweeted ‘Delhi has few roads under Delhi government (PWD), but millions of vehicles run on them every day. To erase any inconvenience to the public on the roads due to rain, this campaign is being carried out. For the first time roads are being inspected on such a large scale’.



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