With 3.14 Lakh Covid Cases, India Surpasses US For Highest Single Day Rise In Covid Cases

With 3.14 Lakh Covid Cases, India Surpasses US For Highest Single Day Rise In Covid Cases


  • India saw biggest single day increase in coronavirus with 3.14 lakh new cases which is the nation’s biggest daily increase ever.
  • Maharashtra, the worst affected state, recorded the highest number of Covid deaths in a single day on Wednesday, with 568.
  • According to the centre, “Oxygen demand and supply are being tracked around the clock.”

With a second Covid wave sweeping the country, India saw a record increase in infections, with 3.14 lakh new cases being reported every day, the nation’s biggest daily increase ever, bringing the total number of cases to 1.59 crore. Since yesterday, 2,104 Covid deaths have been reported, according to another grim record.

Here are the top ten coronavirus updates on this big story:

1. With a shortage of medical oxygen, hospital beds, and the antiviral medication Remdesivir, which is used to treat Covid, India is facing one of the most serious health challenges in recent years. According to news agency Reuters, the latest surge surpasses the previous highest one-day increase in the world, which was recorded by the United States in January with 2,97,430 cases. So far, 1.84 lakh people have died.

2. According to Health Minister Harsh Vardhan tweet last night, he assured, “Oxygen demand and supply are being tracked around the clock,” and the government has raised “quotas of oxygen” for seven states: Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Delhi.

3. Since April 15, over 2 lakh infections have been reported every day. According to the centre, the second wave is yet to peak, and experts are unsure when the cases will begin to decline. The five states with the highest increase in 24 hours were Maharashtra (67,468), Uttar Pradesh (33,106), Delhi (24,638), Karnataka (23,558), and Kerala (22,414).

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4. In Maharashtra which is the worst-affected state, CM Uddhav Thackeray government has declared new Covid curbs as part of the “Break the Chain” scheme. The state recorded the highest number of Covid deaths in a single day on Wednesday, with 568.

5. According to new rules, attendance at all private and government (central and state) offices not directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic in Maharashtra will be limited to 15%. The number of people allowed to attend weddings and marriage ceremonies has been limited to 25. Private vehicles, with the exception of buses, would be permitted only for emergency services or legitimate purposes, such as medical emergencies.

6. On Wednesday, a dire oxygen shortage in Delhi reverberated in the High Court. The court, hitting out at the Centre, stated: “How can the government be so blind to what is happening on the ground? You can’t let people die due to a lack of oxygen.” The High Court further told the government, “Beg, borrow, steal… it’s your job.”

7. The sixth phase of state elections is taking place in Bengal today. Despite the fact that politicians have been chastised for organising political rallies in the face of the Covid boom, campaigning continues. Amit Shah, the Union Minister, will attend three poll meetings today. Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of Bengal, will hold four public meetings in the state’s north and central regions.

8. The death of 24 people at a hospital in Maharashtra’s Nashik on Wednesday shocked the country as the country battling a deadly virus. An oxygen tanker leaked outside the hospital, causing a 30-minute delay in supplying it to the patient. The tragedy was described as “heart-wrenching” by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

9. On Wednesday, the government shared data on Covid infections following vaccinations for the first time. “After people got the vaccine, two to four per 10,000 people developed COVID-19 breakthrough infections. Balram Bhargava, Director General of the ICMR, said, “This is a very small number, nothing to be concerned about.”

10. Despite the fact that several states have announced fresh restrictions, Prime Minister Modi said in a speech to the nation on Tuesday that “lockdown should be the last resort.” Despite attempts to increase vaccine coverage, an alarming increase in infections has occurred. So far, 13.22 doses have been administered. From May 1, the vaccine net will be expanded including anyone over the age of 18.

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