Aadhaar Card Lost? This Is How To Lock And Unlock 12-Digit UIDAI Number



  • UIDAI provides “lock and unlock your Aadhaar number” feature to enhance security and privacy
  • How to lock your 12 digit UIDAI number if you lose your Aadhaar card
  • You can also unlock the same by following few simple steps

In a time when the Aadhar card number is mandatory for almost every banking transaction as well as several government schemes, losing one’s 12-digit unique number could be highly dangerous. The reason for worry is the 12-digit Unique Identification Authority of India also known as the UIDAI number getting into the hands of fraudsters who are adept in online banking fraud by phishing out the important data of the Aadhaar cardholder.

If one wishes to prevent such incidents of banking and financial frauds, the UIDAI has provided the Aadhaar cardholders with the facility to lock and unlock their Aadhaar online.

To enhance the data security and privacy of the Aadhaar cardholder, the UIDAI offer a “lock and unlock your Aadhaar number” feature.

When this feature is used, the potential fraudsters will not be able to authenticate by using the Aadhaar Card number as it will now require a Virtual ID (VID) authentication, which will be with the Aadhaar Card holder only.

This virtual ID authentication of a locked Aadhaar card prevents any misuse of the 12-digit unique UIDAI number.

How To Lock Aadhaar Card?

If you wish to lock your Aadhaar card, you will need a 16 digit VID (Virtual ID). Please note, it is a pre-requisite for Aadhaar Card locking. In case, the Aadhaar Card holder does not have his/ her 16 digit VID, it can get it through an SMS by sending a text to 1947.

  1. The SMS format is “GVID” space “Last Four or Eight digits of Aadhaar Card number”.
  • Here are the steps to lock Aadhaar Card number via SMS:
  • Send SMS to 1947 from your registered mobile number to get OTP. The SMS has to be in the format of “GETOTP” followed by the “last Four digits of the Aadhaar card number”
  • After the SMS, UIDAI will send a 6 digit OTP on the registered mobile number
  • After receiving the 6-digit OTP, one needs to send another SMS in the text format “LOCKUID” followed by the “last Four digits of Aadhaar card number 6 digit OTP”
  • Once the SMS is sent, the UIDAI will lock your Aadhaar Card and send a confirmation SMS in reply

One can also unlock the Aadhaar card once the new Aadhaar Card has been downloaded.

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How To Unlock Aadhaar Card?

The Aadhaar Card holder has the option to unlock his/ her 12-digit unique UIDAI number by using the unlock Aadhaar Card feature. It can be done via the phone by sending SMS from the registered mobile number.

Here is the step by step guide of unlocking:

  1. Send SMS at 1947 to receive OTP. SMS text format will be “GETOTP” followed by the “last Six digits of your VID or Virtual ID number”
  • The UIDAI will send 6-digit OPTP in reply to your SMS
  • Send another SMS after you receive the OTP. SMS text format will be “UNLOCKUID” followed by the last “Six digits of VID or Virtual ID number and 6-digit OTP”
  • After receiving the second SMS, the UIDAI will unlock your Aadhaar Card number and also send the confirmation message in reply to your SMS

So now, if you lose your Aashaar card, all your need to do is send a couple of SMS in order to lock your Aadhaar Card and once your Aadhaar Card is re-issued and you download it, you will get the option to unlock your Aadhaar Card by again sending a couple of SMS to the UIDAI at given 1947 number.

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