Why Are We Asked To Light Diyas, Candles On The 5th Of April?

What’s The Purpose Of Lighting Candles And Diyas On 5th April

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi called for solidarity on the 5th day of the 4th month at 9:00 PM for 9 minutes by coming to the balconies and light the candles, diyas (small lamps) or even flashlights after turning off the lights of our homes.

By what is the logic behind it?

A sentence which the PM Modi could have simple tweeted chose to “address the nation” at a particular time. probably to show that the world economy has come to a standstill not that even the one of the most powerful person in the world is facing life changing crisis has too much time in his hands.

It is simply to show that one is not alone in this fight against this novel Coronavirus, when everyone comes out, people can have two inclinations based on their psyche. Either they can think, everyone is miserable and stuck, or they can think that we are all together in it and together we can overcome this crisis.

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On this note let us take a recap of what has happened in the past could of days and how it has affected us.

On the 22nd of March, what happened was a Janata Curfew, a self curfew on ourselves for 1 day a and people at 5 PM came out to clap and show they are together and applaud the spirits of the health workers and other who are out of their homes working for us.

However, some miscommunication and some people came out of their homes and met, which made this initiative a fail.

On 24th March, a 21 day lockdown was announced which was implemented on pan India level and following which the whole country came to a standstill.

Flights were cancelled, no offices, no walks nothing.

Even the sleepless cities in the country turned into ghost towns, everything was shut except emergency and essential services like hospitals, grocery shops, banks, and pharmacies.

Many people cooperated, however there were some who did not, thus, leading to the spread o this deadly virus even more.

People started panic buying, which is understandable however, the should not do that.

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The government and Reserve Bank of India (RBI) have come up with relief packages for people, however the information could have been provided in a far effective way.

The government has asked the landlords to not charge the rent for a month, but we might never know how many actually followed it, similarly, asked to not deduct the salary or housekeepers and other people, but we would, again, never know how many actually did it.

About 139 million migrants from various states working in cities have been left jobless and even organised a walk to their hometowns and villages on foot because they did not know about the relief package. However, since then many people and organisations have come forward to help the needy and even provide free food to them.

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Health workers, pilots and other cabin crew who went to rescue Indians stranded overseas and many others are being boycotted by their neighbours and landlords because of the potential exposure to the deadly virus. This is despite the government’s advisory.

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These people are forgetting that without them, the family members of other Indians and foreign nationalists may become another casualty of this virus.

Doctors have even been attacked when they have gone to test and other personnel have been attacked and abused when they went to ask the people at their homes if anybody in their family is showing symptoms or have a travel history.

Religious activities have continued, the worst of it was the Tablighi Jamaat in the national capital. What should have been a no-brainer, these people still went forward with their gathering and now they are attacking Doctors and abusing them.

Amidst all this, we are supposed to light up our houses with candles and diyas and other things for solidarity, why?

Because this is important, to motivate everyone, that some handful of people do not determine what we are, we stand together, the majority stands together, and most of all to show that majority of the nation stands with the medical professional and other the police department and various others who are, even at a time like this, are out of their homes and working day and night to save the country.

To show that we, the people staying at our homes, are doing our bit by staying indoors.

During lockdown there is not much that people can do, and the mental stress increases in no time, but these small things are not happening in India, in India, things were asked by our PM, outside India, like in Italy, people do it themselves. Not for showoff, but because they show that they are all together in it and they will come out of it together and win over the Coronavirus.

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Anyhow, in India, things are looking grim at the moment, and this is not because of the approach that the governments have taken. Remember many countries and even the Word Health Organisation have praised India on its colossal initiative of a lockdown.

However, the problem comes that since decades now, we have been taught to love our religion and God(s) more than other human beings. What are your thoughts on it? Do tell us down in comments!


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