WhatsApp users get Snapchat like self-disappearing message feature. Read ahead to know how it works.

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Facebook Inc. owned WhatsApp messenger is slowly rolling-out the self-destructing message feature as a Beta Version on Android devices. According to WABetaInfo, a websites that keeps track on updates of different apps said, WhatsaApp messaging app is still working on the feature and in the following updates will provide a better, stable, and bug-free experience to the users. With the update, the users will get the option to set a timer on a message after which the message will get deleted from the chat-box.

WhatsApp has already rolled out the latest Beta Version 2.19.348 for the users who had enrolled themselves on Google Play beta programme, if you wish to download it, you can simply go to APK Mirror platform and download an APK file to install the beta version on to your Android mobile phones.

As the feature is still being developed by WhatsApp, not all Android users received a notification on their Google Play Store to download this version of the application. Additionally, before the official rollout of the feature, WhatsApp changed the name of the feature to ‘Delete Messages’ from ‘Disappearing Messages’.

How Does This Feature Work?

According to the information provided on the blow, initially WhatsApp will make the feature available in Group Chats, the admin of the group will have the option to enable or disable the feature in the Group Settings.

Photo: WABetaInfo page
Photo: WABetaInfo page

As the feature will be available, a user will be able to toggle on and off the button to activate or deactivate this feature. Additionally, the user will get options of the time by which he/she wants the message to be deleted automatically. As of now the feature offers 5 time options that a user can choose, the options being, 1 Hour, 1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month, and 1 Year. If the user chooses the 1 Hour option, the message will automatically get deleted from the chat-box 1 hours from it being sent.

However, the delete option is not a completely new feature, Snapchat, Telegram have had this feature for quite some time now.

Photo: WABetaInfo page
Photo: WABetaInfo page

How is Delete Message different from Delete for Everyone option?

The ‘Delete for Everyone’ option has been there in WhatsApp for some time now, however there is a slight difference between the two features. The ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature once a user deletes the message, other people gets notified with a message ‘This message was deleted’ on the recipient’s screen and on sender’s screen it says ‘You deleted this message’.

In the ‘Delete Message’ feature, the message just seizes to exists, the message simply disappears like it was never even sent.

WhatsApp will get a ‘Dark Mode’ feature soon for iPhones with iOS 13 or higher as per reports, however, WhatsApp has not officially made a statement as to when the feature will be rolled out.For the iPhone users, with WhatsApp’s last update, they received the feature of ‘Call Waiting’.

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