What Today’s Solar And Lunar Eclipse Mean According To Your Zodiac Signs

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The Eclipse season is here, today we witnessed the last Solar Eclipse of the decade, and on 10th January 2020 we will see a Lunar Eclipse. This means that your life is likely to undergo a transformation over the period of a month. Are you thinking what should you do?

Do not worry, trust this new path in your life and walk on it with confidence. You may come across a new relationship, new career, or something else, but that new thing will most certainly question your sense of comfort and security.


Eclipses are here and will help you get out of any pot-holes and will help you live a life that truly reflects the true “you” if you do successfully embrace the change. The eclipses on the 26th of December 2019 and 10th January 2020 will help you evolve and set you on a brand new path for 2020.

The last eclipse (solar) of the decade took place in Capricorn, and thus, marks the foundation of new chapter in your life, be attentive of the events because life can and will make you come across new opportunities.

The Lunar Eclipse that will take place on the 10th of January will signify the end of a chapter in your life. This is when you will be needed to let-go of something from your life, particularly the things that has run its course.

Let us find out how the two Eclipses will impact you based on your Zodiac Signs.


Solar Eclipse: 2020 will be a great year for you, aim for the stars this year when it comes to you career. There is no limit to your potential and work on innovating.

Lunar Eclipse: Trust which matters in your home and amongst your family members will change and evolve. You will have to let go of the current state.


Solar Eclipse: Media, Broadcasting, and Publishing will be your forte this year, as the planet Uranus in Taurus sends ray to the Eclipse you will be empowered with creating significant and noteworthy work in 2020.

Lunar Eclipse: Finalise your work and contracts in December itself. Reorganise and find new ways of communication as the old way of communication will not work for you anymore when you enter the New Year with vast opportunities.


Solar: Change your outlook to your finances. Possibly there were some inherited stories that you had regarding work and money, however, this year you should change it and look forward to embrace the new opportunities coming your way.

Lunar Eclipse: Let-go off of your metrics which your use to measure your security, and make way for a richer quality of life and sense of wealth. You need to change your outlook and release your fears.


Solar Eclipse: Your life will revolve around partnership, either love or business. Trust the paths that you are presented to you.

Lunar Eclipse: You are changing, and as the lights of Lunar Eclipse shine on Cancer, you will have to let go the self of the past that is holding you back and is afraid of things. Hold hand of courage and walk with confidence on the new path you choose.


Solar Eclipse: It is time to embrace a new, healthy lifestyle and routine. You, being a creative person at heart, you will create healthy company which will sustain you forever.

Lunar Eclipse: let go of your old self and change the way you tackle things. Take a spiritual turn, it will help you in letting go off of the emotions and thoughts and let you find the inner peace.


Solar Eclipse: This Solar Eclipse will light up your love life, which means that this year you should listen to your heart. Additionally, the presence of Jupiter will give you the luck and opportunities in love. Also, the creative endeavours that you take up like foreign relations and media will bring growth.

Lunar Eclipse: It time for you to choose who you are, which mean you will have to let-go of things and activities that do not align with you. This will help you create more space and invite more meaningful relations in your life.


Solar Eclipse: The property sector of your life will be fruitful this year as Jupiter visit you with the Solar Eclipse, this year you should invest in your dream project/home.

Lunar Eclipse: Take a moment and look back at your journey and how far you have come from the early days. Let go of things that are no longer align with your current self. It will be time for you to step up and take the path that resembles you the most.


Solar Eclipse: The time has come for you, you will make connections and partnerships in your life and work. Do not hold yourself back in helping others and share your talent. Composing and writing is where you will excel this year.

Lunar Eclipse: You will be recognised soon enough, however do not make your actions and messages let your hard work go in vain. Discard all the thoughts that no longer align with who you are.


Solar Eclipse: Remain confident and believe in your skills and talents and you will see an increase in your income. Jupiter’s rare visit in your life will open the path leading you to opportunities that will help you gain money.

Lunar Eclipse: Let go of the thoughts that make you believe that you are limited by your finances and you are not worth anything. Investments and equity is where you will shine.


Solar Eclipse: As Solar Eclipse took place during Capricorn, and Jupiter makes a visit, you will be the favourite this year. It is your year, do not hold back in taking bold decision and dreaming big. Make sure you use your judgement as you will be awarded numerous of opportunities.

Lunar Eclipse: A key relationship in your life will come to the point of where you will have to decide whether to continue with it or end it then and there. However, you will be able to communicate, there will be no hindrances, make sure you keep your head-strong and be clear of what you really want.


Solar Eclipse: 2020 will be the year where you can rejuvenate your body, spirit, and mind. The first Solar Eclipse will need you to make time for yourself.

Lunar Eclipse: The Lunar Eclipse will lie in your Physical Health sector implying that there is a habit in your life that you want to quit and luckily, this eclipse will help you do just that.


Solar Eclipse: You will find success this year in collaboration with other people. Shape your imaginations and join hands with other people to turn the thought into a reality. Aim higher, and you will find support along the way.

Lunar Eclipse: You will let go of an old habit that do not bring happiness to you any longer. This is make more space in your life and invite things that actually align with your personality.

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