Greed That Ruined It All For The J&K DSP Who Got Caught With 3 Terrorists

What Led The J&K DSP Davinder Singh To Help The Hizbul Terrorists

On the 11th January 2020, Jammu and Kashmir’s Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Davinder Singh was arrested as he was nabbed with along with terrorists. He was sent to a 15 day judicial remand by the National Investigation Agency (NIA), the probe agency was going through the records, evidence, and seized items. Some of these items were recovered after week long raids in South and North Kashmir.

After the continuous interrogation of Davinder Singh, DSP, the NIA now believes that he was a “lone wolf”, which means that he was not associated with any agency and was working on his own accord. As his phone was scanned, and his messages and chats were looked into, it was found that the ex-cop had a very “complicated lifestyle”.

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Apart from regular consumption of liquor, NIA said that their team “discovered his liaison with over a dozen women”. It is said that he “spent lavishly on his several affairs”. “He is a self admitted ‘sex addict’ where he regularly took little blue pills (Viagra)”.

In less than a month after his arrest, Singh now looks “pale and older”. At times, Singh even requests cops to play his songs on YouTube or other media for him.

The sources from NIA have claimed to a leading news agency in India that Singh’s “need for money” increased a lot over the years and in order to sustain his lifestyle he neede “exorbitant amounts”.

They added, “Besides being a playboy, he was falling short of money to build a lavish mansion in Srinagar’s Indra Nagar. He had to pay fee of his two daughters who are medical students in Bangladesh, and a teenage son studying at a leading school in Srinagar. With the anti-hijacking unit, Singh was doing well for himself, till he was caught red-handed with militants and arms”.

Davinder Singh, ex-cop, got a bold image even since he joining the Special Operations Group (SOG) in the 1990s. However, he was later named in several controversies like allegations of extortions, selling contraband, and even his involvement in the Trath Gola scam.

A person closely linked to the investigation told a leading Indian news agency that at the end Singh’s greed to make money to sustain his lavish lifestyle made him so blind that he walked on the road that led him to self destruction.

They say that Singh now regrets his actions and was seen crying and broken down on several occasions as the gravity of his actions sinks in. He has lost it all that he built in what was a star-studded 40 years long service in J&K Police. They say “Just short of retirement, he stands disgraced”.

The NIA source also told the news agency that “Singh was providing active help to Hizbul commander Naveed Babu and two of his aides” while adding that the agency has not found any other link with “anti national activities”.

They added “Davinder Singh’s phone has been sent to CERT-in for recovering deleted WhatsApp chats. Prima facie, no other message, chat or mail showed any reference to anti-national activity”.

Ex-DSP Davinder Singh was caught on the 11th January 2020 when he was intercepted with 2 Hizbul Mujahideen Terrorists – Rafi Ahmed and Naveed Babu – along with a lawyer named Irfan Ahmed who was tasked to make documents for the terrorists for their swift travel.

It is said that Singh had an informal agreement with the terrorists belonging to the Hizbul Mujahideen that not only he will help them reach Jammu but also keep them in his safe house until they escape to the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) in a couple of months.

As per sources, he took Rs. 40 lakhs for this ordeal.

The lawyer who was with the trio, Irfan Ahmed, had visited Pakistan on 4 to 5 different occasions, all legally, and allegedly met leaders of Hizbul Mujahideen and even went to their office.

About a year ago, ex-DSP, Singh, allegedly got Naveed and his aide to Jammu and then kept them both at his own residence in Jammu.

“His chats were mostly on WhatsApp. He took Rs 12 lakh in cash and the rest in kind-an LED TV and some other goods”.

The NIA has claimed that they have exposed a money trail which leads to Irfan Khan where he paid for the flight tickets for the ex-DSP of J&K to Srinagar, allegedly, on the instructions received from the leaders of Hizbul Mujahideen.

In the interrogations, ex-DSP Singh told the NIA that his intentions, upon receiving the money from Hizbul Mujahideen, was to get the militants killed in an encounter. However, the sources say that “Being caught red-handed is proof enough that DSP Singh was in the wrong. There is no way to substantiate his claims that he would get militants killed, as he was abetting them escape”.

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