Watch: US Woman Hurls Racial Slurs At Cab Driver, Calls Him Slave

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A video of a US woman hurling racial slurs at her Uber driver on social media has gone viral and angered the Internet. Before using the racial slur, the woman is seen in the video shouting abuse at a Black man who is presumably her Uber driver on a sidewalk in Cathedral Heights, DC.

The two are seen arguing in the video, which was captured by a woman from the building next to the sidewalk, while the car is parked on the side of the street with its door open.

Warning: The video contains harsh language and racist content.

The confrontation seems to have just started when the video starts. The woman can be heard telling the man to “take his medication” and referring to him as a “psycho.”

“I am your boss. I employ you. I am your boss,” she shouts repeatedly before yelling the racial slur at him and attempting to walk away.

She then calls the driver a “slave” after several more repetitions of the slur while the man reacts. The woman who was filming the incident can be heard questioning the racial outburst and gasping.

More than 2.8 million people have seen the video on Twitter, with the majority calling for the woman to be arrested and others attempting to identify her.

In response to the video, Uber stated that it was searching for more details on the driver to further investigate the matter. In a tweet, it stated, “Behavior like this is never okay. We have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination. If you have more information about the Uber rider or driver please DM us so we can investigate this.” 

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