Viral: Hilarious Video Of A Woman Showing Rock-Hard Paratha Served In Hostel

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  • The woman can be seen in the video slamming a parantha on a wooden table while sitting in front of it.
  • “How is one supposed to eat this?” the woman asks at the end of the video.

On social media, a video claiming to show barely edible “hostel ka khana (Hostel’s food)” is gaining popularity. Sakshi Jain, who describes her occupation as content strategist, offered a glimpse of what it’s like to eat hostel food on Twitter. She used a paratha as an example, which appears to be so hard that it is almost edible.

In the video, a woman is seen holding a paratha in her hand and slamming it on a wooden table, likely inside the premises of her hostel. While it’s supposed to be soft, the paratha is so stiff that it doesn’t even bend or break. The woman hits the table several times in an attempt to break it, but she is unsuccessful.

At the end of the video, the woman asks, ” Koi isko kaise khayega?” (How is someone supposed to eat this?)

On Thursday, Ms Jain uploaded the video, which has since amassed over 60,000 views and more than 700 likes, attracting the attention of Twitter users. They have had all kinds of reactions in the comments section. “Bring this in your bag and use it to slice throat in case road pe koi tang kare toh (in case someone gets lost walking on the road) occurs,” wrote one user jokingly. “Hammer Roti, must be iron rich.”

“This kind of Roti we used to be served in our mess in Boading school,” a third user commented. A fourth was humorously added, “I found a solution for it. Spray some water on both sides then oven it for a minute or strove. Here we go!”

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