Vir Das Sneezed On By His Neighbour For Allegedly Refusing To Follow Social Distancing

Watch Vir Das Neighbour Sneezes On Him For This Reason


  • Vir Das’ neighbour sneezes on him for allegedly not following social distancing
  • Vir Das shared the video and testimony of the entire incident

The 40 year old actor-comedian, Vir Das, shared a bizarre video where a man, who Das identified as his neighbour, was seen threatening him and even sneezed on him for reportedly not following the social distancing norm during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Later, Das came forward and rubbished the allegations of him not following the rules and guidelines in a statement.

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On Sunday, Das shared a three minute long video on the micro-blogging website Twitter in which the man could be seen charging at the 40 year old comic, asking him to wear his face-mask, step inside his house and then forcefully sneezing on him.

The man also comes close to Das charging at him to hit him, saying, “Don’t laugh I’ll give you one bl**dy slap” and that he wants his dead parents would “haunt” Das.

Explaining his side of the story, Das said he was helping his friend, who lives 3 houses away, by providing dinner to him amid the lockdown when this incident took place.

He said that the duo were waiting for the dinner to get cooked while standing 15 feet away from each other, while Das was at his doorstep, his friend was being outside.

He said, “I live on the ground floor. We’ve got a little sit out. At 10 pm a neighbour came by, because we had cooked dinner for them too. We do that with them and also some of the others within the complex. We gave him a chair fifteen feet away, fully socially distanced. My neighbour had a can of coke from his house, a mask on, which he had pulled down to have a smoke.

“I was on the outdoor sit out area of my house, neighbour was in the complex, fully socially distanced. Five minutes later, this happens. This man is not my landlord, he lives on the first floor of the annex building. He is upset because my landlord inherited the house I live in and he didn”t,” the Hansmukh actor said in the statement. Das said the man in the video does not own his doorstep, sit-out, or his house and he wondered if what the man did would qualify as harassment.

“I’m not sure if an old man threatening to assault me, or sneezing on me, or asking his dead parent to haunt me qualifies as harassment. But this is a little ridiculous.”

He added, “And before this turns into him going to the media, as he has done before, and I’ve sat through it quietly… I”m not normally one for drama.. I”m sorry but this crossed the line. How’s your lockdown going?”

Today in the morning, Das released another statement saying “after a crazy night of zero sleep” he wants to thank and apologize te people concerned.

He writes, “Thank you for all your support. Family and I are safe. In fact, all our neighbours came by to make sure of it,”.

Das even apologised to his fans and followers that his “personal drama” showed up on their screens.

The actor dismissed the incident of being a “lockdown behaviour” claiming that the man in question has harassed him in the past as well along with his staff members and many other people living in the society since the past “eight months”.

He said, “We have tried polite conversation, legal notices, regarding these episodes before, telling him categorically we would post it, letting it go, everything. I finally posted it on my social media because if not, I knew he would do it yet again. Truthfully, I was just really angry last night. We took it quietly for eight months, and something different was needed,”.


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