“Inventor Of The Year” Award Won By Indian-American In New York

“Inventor Of The Year” Award Won By Indian-American In New York


  • Indian-American scientists win “Inventor Of The Year” award
  • Dr Rajiv Joshi is a master inventor with over 250 patents in the US under his name

Well known Indian-American scientist and inventor Dr. Rajiv Joshi has won the prestigious “Inventor Of The Year” award in recognition of his pioneering work in the advancement of the electronic industry and enhancing the Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Dr. Joshi has been known as a master inventor and has over 250 patented inventions under his name in the US. He works at the IBM Thomson Watson Research Center in New York.

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Dr Rajov Joshi was presented with the prestigious annual award by the New York Intellectual Property Law Association in May during the ceremony held virtually.

Dr Joshi is an IIT Mumbai alumnus and has an MS degree from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) along with the PhD in Mechanical/ Electrical Engineering from the Columbia University, New York which is one of the eight Ivy League school.

His inventions include the novel interconnect structures and processes for more scaling, machine learning techniques for predictive failure analytics, high bandwidth, high performance and low power integrated circuits and memories and their usage in hardware accelerators, meant for artificial intelligence applications.

Many of these structures exist not only in processors, smartphones, laptops but also supercomputers and handheld and variable gadgets among many other electronic items. His inventions have helped advance the day-to-day life, health sciences and medical fields along with global communications which impact the whole world.

In a recent interview with a leading Indian news agency, Dr Joshi said, “Necessity and curiosity inspire me,” and added that the identification of a problem and coming out with a solution which is out of the box as well as observing and thinking is what helps him immensely to come up new ideas.

Dr Rajiv Joshi said that while growing up his parents narrated him stories about the great, renowned inventors such as Madame Curie, Guglielmo Marconi, James Watt, Right Brothers, Thomas Edison, Alexander Bell and many others. Their success stories and inventions are what helped Dr Joshi mould his thought process and in turn helped him develop an interest in science and technology.

In his acceptance speech, Dr Joshi said that Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Quantum Computing are not just the buzzwords but their utility and widespread usage is advancing with leaps and bounds. He said, “All these areas are very exciting and I have been dabbling further in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and quantum computing,”

He notes that though Quantum Computing has offered huge opportunities, it also faces challenges, and added that he is involved in advancing the technology, improving the memory structures and solution and their usage in AI and contributing to Quantum Computing to advance the science.


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