UK Woman Shocked To See Plastic-Looking Forehead Skin After Falling Asleep In Sun

UK Woman Has Plastic Forehead After Falling Asleep In Sun


  • The 25-year-old UK woman had skipped to use sunscreen while sunbathing.
  • The woman claimed that despite her initial soreness and redness, she persisted in relaxing by the pool in the 21°C heat.
  • Her entire face started to peel, leaving her with tanned and pink skin patches on her chin, lips, forehead, and parts of her nose.

A 25-year-old woman who spent 30 minutes dozing in the sun was astonished to see that the skin on her forehead was left looking like plastic. 

Sirin Murad, a beautician, was on vacation in Bulgaria when she fell asleep in the 21-degree sun without using sunscreen. She took a 30-minute nap by the pool and woke up with a somewhat irritated, red face, but she did not think much of it and continued to relax. The Independent said that the next day, her skin tightened to the point where it appeared plastic when she furrowed her brows.

The 25-year-old British woman chose not to visit the doctor after talking with her family about the burn because she did not think it would become worse. However, as the days passed, Ms. Murad’s entire face started to peel, leaving her covered in different areas of pink and tanned skin.

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Ms. Murad told Wales Online that at first, “At first it really didn’t feel like anything – it just felt a bit sore when I put pressure on it.”

“It really hurt the next day, but I actually got some relief when it started peeling. It did not hurt, and I felt much better. Weirdly, my skin is great now! It even feels better than before, almost like it is renewed,” she added.

Ms. Murad is now passionate about raising awareness of the value of sunscreen because of her unpleasant experience. “No matter how much you think your that you’ll be fine or that your skin will not burn, always apply sunscreen!” she said as per the outlet.

Since the incident, which occurred last month, Ms. Murad’s complexion has cleared up, leaving only a few spots of discoloration on her cheeks. Her situation could have been worse, though, as melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer, is considerably increased by severe sunburns. 

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