YouGov’s 2021 Technology Ranking In India Out Now, Google Sits At #1

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  • YouGov’s 2021 Technology Rankings in India out
  • Google ranks 1st on the list with an impression score of 62.3
  • Samsun topped the global rank

The global search giant, Google, made it to the top spot in the research firm YouGov’s 2021 Technology Rankings. The US-based tech giant had the most positive impression among urban Indian consumers.

The survey ranks brands across hardware/ software manufacturers along with social media platform categories based on an “Impression score”, which is a measure of whether a consumer has a positive impression or a negative impression of a brand calculated by taking the average over a period of 12 months.

The rankings shows the brands with the highest average Impression score between 1st March, 2020 and 28th February, 2021. The scores are representative of the general population of adults 18 and above (some are online representative).

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The top ten list in India mainly comprises internet and social media brands, featuring five leading names.

South Korean tech giant Samsung featured prominently in the India rankings, also topped the global list this year.

Google made it to Rank 1 on YouGov’s 2021 Technology Rankings in India, with an Impression score of 62.3. Even though the company is facing regulatory challenges around the world, instant messaging platform WhatsApp (owned by Facebook) maintained its positive impression among consumers, securing the second spot with an impression score of 61.

Facebook ranks 3rd on the list with impression score of 42.3 while another firm owned by the group, Instagram, ranks fourth with the impression score of 37.9.

The social networking platform remained in news for the launch of Reels last year along with other features, making a notable impression on urban Indian consumers especially after the government banned TikTok in the country.

Messaging app Telegram and micro-blogging platform Twitter occupied sixth (25.9), tenth (21.6) spots respectively. ​

The top 10 list also featured the South Korean tech giant Samsung, at number 5 with an impression score of 35.5. Though the brand is better known for its mobile phones, its product range is broad, which makes it a popular household name in India.

Apple also made it to the list and was placed 7th with the impression score of 24.7, while the Japanese multinational tech giant Sony was at eighth with the impression score of 22.4.

Android completed the top 10 list of this year’s rankings as it ranked ninth with an impression score of 22.

Here is the YouGov’s 2021 Technology Rankings in India:

RankBrandImpression Score

YouGov has also released its global tech rankings wherein the South Korean tech firm, Samsung, occupied the number 1 spot.

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The report said, “Another ubiquitous brand – Google – comes second on our list. Social media platforms – including instant messaging platform WhatsApp, image sharing service Instagram and Facebook – are all also featured on the list.

“Twitter makes an appearance in the top 25, as does LinkedIn, and Line, the instant messaging platform popular in markets such as Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan”.

Some of the other brands people would be familiar with and made it to the global top 25 include Bosch, HP, LG, Microsoft, Panasonic, Philips, Siemens, Sony and Yahoo! The categories that are excluded from the technology rankings include fintech/payments, streaming/media platforms, gaming console apps, white goods and appliances, e-commerce/online marketplaces

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