TikTok Parent ByteDance Selling TikTok’s AI Technology To Other Companies Including In India

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  • ByteDance has launched BytePlus as a new division that sells TikTok AI to companies like India-based social gaming platform GamesApp, US fashion app Goat, Singapore.
  • According to its website, BytePlus also provides automated speech and text translation, real-time video effects, and data analysis tools.
  • The Government of India banned many Chinese-developed applications, including TikTok, in 2020 over threat to national security & defence of the country.

ByteDance, the parent firm of TikTok, has apparently begun selling the short video-making app’s AI technology to other companies, including in India, where the app is blocked.

According to the Financial Times, the firm has launched a new division called BytePlus that sells TikTok AI to companies such as India-based social gaming platform GamesApp, US fashion app Goat, Indonesian shopping app Chilibeli and Singapore travel site WeGo.

The Indian government banned many Chinese-developed applications, including TikTok, in 2020, due to worries that they were involved in activities that jeopardised the country’s national security and defence.

Nikhil Gandhi, the India Head of China’s ByteDance-owned short video-sharing app TikTok, announced his resignation last month. Gandhi was hired as TikTok’s India president in 2019 to help the Chinese short video-sharing company into its next phase of expansion. The recommendation algorithm on TikTok is a big part of why it’s so popular.

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According to a report published on Sunday, BytePlus gives companies access to TikTok’s recommendation algorithm and allows them to “personalise it for their apps and users.”

 According to BytePlus website, it also offers automated voice and text translation, data analysis tools, real-time video effects.

The basic TikTok algorithms, which are frequently attributed with the platform’s quick growth, determine which videos users watch before they start following creators.

In a recent blog post, the corporation stated that its ‘ForYou’ feed selects which videos are served to a certain user.

Its recommendations are based on user interactions, such as which videos you like, share, comment on, or create, as well as video information and device and account details, such as the device you’re using, language choices, and location settings.

The source code for TikTok and the data it collects from its users are kept separate from the rest of ByteDance’s operations.

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