This Girl Asked The Internet To Edit Out A Photobomber; Results Will Make You Laugh

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Swastika Dubey
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  • A young woman by the name of Harshita posted a photo of herself eating a sub on Twitter.
  • However, a man accidentally photobombed Harshita’s image, so she asked the internet to remove him.
  • You’ll burst out laughing when you see the results of the same.

When a woman went online to ask the internet to help photoshop a bystander out of her picture, she ended up getting more than she bargained for. Harshita, a Twitter user, shared a candid photo of herself at a Subway restaurant eating a sub sandwich. She could be seen smiling while hiding her mouth in the photo. She was not pleased with the outcome, though, since a random man could be seen in the backdrop photobombing her picture.

She was photographed alone, but a stranger with a helmet was visible standing next to the cash counter. She then turned to the internet and asked people to remove him from the picture. In the caption of her post, Harshita wrote, “Can someone please remove that guy in the background and let me enjoy my sub?” The post has garnered more than 318 retweets, 252 quote tweets, 4,848 likes, and hundreds of replies since it was shared on December 20.

Needless to say, a lot of people helped her out and adhered to her request using their creative editing tools. But, with a hilarious twist! As requested, they removed the man out of the photo, and then they started adding funny objects and other people to the picture. The post quickly sparked a meme fest, and the outcomes are hilarious.

Have a look!

People didn’t hold back, adding images of those who appeared in internet memes and photoshopping her exotic places. Some people even added themselves through photoshop to the picture.

So, which one is your favourite?

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