This Diwali Invite Goddess Lakshmi to your home with these steps

Goddess of Money

Laxmi, also called Lakshmi is considered as the goddess of money. People believe if they can regale the goddess they will attract more money. Below you will find some ways that will help you

Lord Kuber

People and pundits alike, believes that placing a statue of Lord Kuber in your house at a clean place (preferably in your temple) will please Goddess Laxmi. Lord Kuber is also considered to be the preserver of money.

Mini Coconuts

Also called Shreephal (Shrifal) is considered to be the fruit of Goddess Laxmi, these coconuts are smaller than normal coconuts and it is believed that worshiping them will pull her to you.

Mercury artefacts

Artefacts like statues and pictures made out of the metal mercury (para) is said to attract the goddess into your house.


These shells comes from the sea which is where Goddess Laxmi is believed to come from, hence it is widely believed that keeping them in your houses will attract her into your home.

Moti Shankh

Also known as moti conch, is used in puja, hawans, tantra and mantra as are considered spiritual items associated with wealth.

Silver statues

It is believed that if you have statues of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi in your house and you worship them daily they bring wealth to you and your family.

Shri Yantra

Often called the king of yantras, keeping this in the Pooja room is considered to bring prosperity to you.

Silver Paduka

Footwear, also called Padukas are said to be the footprint of the gods. Keep the Padukas facing in thedirection you want to keep your money.

Kamal Gatta

Also known as Lotus Gatta, are the seed of lotus. It is said to keep a garland made out of these seeds invites the goddess to your house as Goddess Laxmi resides in the flower Lotus.

One eyed coconut

This coconut is usually used in pujas, unlike a normal coconut with three eye shaped holes, this coconut has only one.



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