Feng Shui: Attract wealth to you home and office

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Feng Shui being used by business tycoons to generate more profits is something that we all have heard of. In the West, Feng Shui is so popular that it is used by a vast majority of people. Other than wealth attraction, people use Feng Shui to improve their health, attract harmony into the relationships, prosperity in career, better quality of life, and etcetera.

Below you will find ten ways you can attract wealth to your home/office using Feng Shui:

1. Good energy needs clean and open space

What do all the wealthy people’s houses have in common? It is open space. The luxury and breathing space attracts energy associated to wealth. In Feng Shui’s terms it fundamentally means open spaces allows to create more, be more, and explore more. People argue that wealthy people have money to buy bigger houses and hence the larger space, but smaller houses can do the same as well, all you need to do it not fill your house with unnecessary stuff and learn to absorb and invite the powerful energy.

People should not make excuses of their small house, instead, keep a positive approach and make the best of what you have.

2. Clear arrangement, No mess

Clutter is nothing but energy getting stuck, and no, not the king of energy that you would be hoping for. Cluttered space means negative energy mixed with fear, is this the sort of energy you need at your home or office? No, right!

We know, clearing the mess is not an easy task, and it will take a lot of your time to get rid of it, but remember, you need to commit to it and give open space for the positive energy to flow in.

Once you get rid of all the clutter in your house, you need to make sure that you do not let clutter form again. Every item you possess must have a space of its own, irrespective of how small or big that thing is. Look for organizational furniture, from Home Centre to Urban Ladder you can find the best one that suits your space.

3. Feng Shui Wealth Colours

Gold is the primary colour associated with Feng Shui wealth. In any décor, may it be a frame, lamp base, side table, they need to have a hint of gold colour in them. Additionally, do not buy something you do not feel connected with, your house décor must be in harmony with your personality.

At times, people move in to a house and doesn’t feel like changing the décor or item that has been there from a long time thinking changing them will bring bad omen, however if you do not feel connected to these things, they will turn into bad Feng Shui.

The point we are trying to make here is that, before brining anything into your home you need to make sure you bring them because you like it, or you feel connected to them and not because what people say. If you do not like something and it’s still in your house, guess what, that item doesn’t like you back and will attract bad energy.

Purple is another wealth colour in Feng Shui, use purple paintings, bed sheets, rugs, wall paints to attract the Feng Shui energy into your premises.

4. Wealth Area

A dedicated money area needs to be created, the size of this area does not hold importance, but you need to treat this area right. This area can be created anywhere except garage, bathroom, and laundry area. This area will collect wealth energy and you should decorate it with items that activates Feng Shui energy like plants, and crystals.

5. Wood Element

Recreate the opulent energy of nature right in your home, since nature is the paramount manifestation of limitless wealth. The plants doesn’t necessarily have to be money plant, any green lively plant placed in a solid, appealing place will draw in the Feng Shui wealth energy.

6. Water Flow

Since the ancient times continuing till now, all cultures believe energy of wealth and water are connected. Fountains are the most well received form of Feng Shui for wealth, however do not place a fountain in your bedroom, this is not considered to be a good Feng Shui. You can buy good quality fountains online on Amazon to the stores near you.

7. Crystals

Crystals are known to be the driving force for Feng Shui energy. They bring the essence of earthiness. If you have never bought crystals and do not know anything about them, clear Quartz in their natural shape will be your safest bet. Other than Quartz, Pyrite, Amethyst, and Citrine are some other crystals that will help you attract the wealth energy. Pyrite are easy to find and are pocket friendly. Amethyst are also easy to find and helps in purification of the energy in your home. However, genuine Citrine are tough to find and are quite pricey. If you crystals are not easily accessible near your premises than you can go online and buy from certified website and resellers.

8. Feng Shui Images

Images are very powerful at depicting the desires when the real object is inaccessible or cannot be placed in your office or home. Maybe you cannot place water bodies or plants in your home, but you can always go forward with hanging portraits of greenery (plants/forests) and clear water bodies (preferably moving) to attract wealth energy. Good quality murals works just as fine in maximum places.

9. Mirrors

Gold framed mirrors are best for attracting Feng Shui wealth energy, if not able to find the right one a normal mirror will work too. Mirrors are absolute for attracting the good energy as mirrors bring in light, energy, and joy into your space.

10. Feng Shui Wealth artefacts

At last, buy some Feng Shui artefacts if you sincerely connect with them and believe they are in harmony with the décor of your space. You can buy them online too. Some of the classic Feng Shui items are:

1. Feng Shui money frog

2. Arowana fish figurines: are the real aquariums made as per the Feng Shui specifications)

3. Laughing Buddha

4. The Feng Shui wealth vase.

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