Sony confirms PlayStation 5: Will be launched in 2020

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Sony Interactive Entertainment’s CEO Jim Ryan confirmed that the Sony’s next generation gaming console and PlayStation 4’s successor will be called PlayStation 5 and will be launched during holidays season of 2020. PlayStation 4 has been in the market since the past 7 years and PlayStation 5 is expected to have significant upgrades and entirely new controllers.

In his statement, Ryan also revealed some specifics about this new controller that will be launched with PS5, in particular, this new controller will replace the ‘rumble’ tech used by current controllers with ‘haptic’ tech.  Controller will offer a wider array of haptic feedback depending upon the scenario in the game, he said ‘So crashing into a wall in a race car feels much different than making a tackle on the football field.’

The L2/R2 trigger buttons on the new controllers will have, what the company calls, ‘adaptive trigger’, this means the Game Developers can program different triggers for different actions and objects, for instance, trigger for a machine gun can be differentiated from that of a shot gun or a completely different sensation when player draws a bow.

In an exclusive report from Wired, it was revealed that this controller will not only have a USB Type C connector for charging but also come with enhanced speakers. Furthermore, game installation experience will change on PS5, it could be possible for players to install game in parts, such as, you will be able to install multiplayer campaign at one time and install the single player part later in the future.

Sony has left its fans in the dark when it comes to the look of the new PS5, though there are a lot of images online with rumoured PS5 design.

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