Shocking Video Of A Man Carrying A Massive Python On His Shoulders Goes Viral

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  • A man can be seen carrying a massive python on his shoulders.
  • The footage appears to have been shot at a zoo.
  • Netizens were horrified after watching the video.

Are you afraid of snakes? A video of a man carrying a massive python on his shoulders has astonished internet users. The video was shared on Instagram by @hepgul5.

The video was possibly taken at a zoo.

Because of the snake’s massive size, the guy filming the footage kept a safe distance. The zookeeper carries the python on his shoulder like it’s his daily routine. The python can be seen ducking its head to avoid slamming the tall enclosures along the way.

We are confident that the video will give you goosebumps.

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Watch the viral video:

The video has gone viral on Instagram, with over 270k views and over 8,500 likes. Netizens expressed concern over the man holding the python like it was nothing.

Netizens stated they were startled after seeing the video since they had never seen a snake so huge before. They also said that the man’s casual handling of the huge made their skin crawl.

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