Shirtless Man Fights With Co-Passenger Mid-Air On Biman Bangladesh Flight, Video Goes Viral

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  • A video that was shot inside a flight operated by Biman Bangladesh has gone viral over the internet.
  • The footage shows a rowdy passenger without a shirt hitting a co-passenger.
  • Over 112k people have watched the video.

These days, incidents involving rowdy passengers misbehaving on flights have become frequent. Another video of a fight inside a plane has emerged on Twitter following the huge public uproar surrounding the IndiGo airhostess-passenger fight, mid-air slap match on a Bangkok-Kolkata flight, and the disgusting Air India incident.

The clip, which Bitanko Biswas posted, was recorded inside a Biman Bangladesh flight. A shirtless man fighting fiercely with another passenger can be seen in the video. As the video goes on, several witnesses attempt goes in vain to pull the man away from the passenger in order to prevent him from beating him.

The caption read, “Another ‘Unruly Passenger’. This time on a Biman Bangladesh Boeing 777 flight!.”

Check-out the video here:

After watching the video, users of the internet voiced their shock and alarm over the instances, which have started to happen frequently. One user stated, “This is a South Asia-wide problem. The decimated underclasses are given overseas jobs but no lessons in civility. Will happen more and more I’m sure. There should be stiff penalties and an example made of him.”

Another wrote, ”Nowadays there is no standard remains in flight. Educated or uneducated are behaving rudely with Airhostess and co-passenger. This will endanger to Airplane & passengers. It might be possible for a fatal accident. There must be strict law enforcement & ban for life.”

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There have been multiple instances of mid-air fights reported during the past few days. On a previous Thai Smile Airways Bangkok-India flight headed to Kolkata, two passengers got into a fight.

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