SAFAR: As Indian Goes Under Lockdown The Air Quality Improves Drastically

Air Quality In India Improves Drastically As People Go Under Lockdown

The lockdown, Work From Home (WFH) approach undertaken by the government and all the organization in the country to contain the spread of Coronavirus pandemic has come with a silver lining for people who are not liking being locked down.


According to SAFAR (System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting And Research), the overall Air Quality in Delhi has come to 67 which was hovering over 150 on a daily basis in the national capital.

Air Quality has come down in less than a week’s time and the lockdown will still go for 20 more days including today.

SAFAR is maintained by the Ministry of Earth Science, Govt. of India and Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), Pune.

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SAFAR differentiates the AQI in 6 categories which are Good (0-50), Satisfactory (50-100), Moderate (100-200), Poor (200-300), Very Poor (300-400), and Severe (400-500). Near the end of 2019, a leading news channel informed that in the past years Delhi did not get even 3 months of AQI which was satisfactory.

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According to Safar, the AQI for PM2.5 in Noida is 79, in Gurugram is 56, in Chandani Chowk and Delhi University if 66, at IIT Delhi and Airport (T3) is 58 and 56 respectively.

Not just this, the AQI forecasted for tomorrow for Delhi is 59.

Coming to Mumbai, its overall AQI is 78 owing to the high PM2.5 AQI in BKC (Bandra Kurla Complex) at 61, AQI for PM2.5 in Worli is at 63, in Colaba is at 54, and in Mazagaon is at 45.

SAFAR forecasts AQI in Mumbai tomorrow will be at 105, owing to BKC as it will reach 335.

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During the lockdown, Delhi NCR has witnessed some rain and high winds which has further aided in the decrease in the pollution particles in the air.


As the complete lockdown in India was only implemented yesterday, there are still 20 days more remaining until the end of the lockdown (including today). One can only imagine how better the Air Quality of India could get until then.

You can see the AQI here:

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