Pakistan Stock Exchange Attack, At least 10 Dead Including All 4 Gunmen

Pakistan Stock Exchange Attack, All Gunmen Shot Dead


  • Pakistan Stock Exchange attacked in Karachi today
  • 4 gunmen attacked the stock exchange but were shot dead says the police
  • At least 6 more people in total lost their lives

Today, the Pakistan Stock Exchange was attacked by 4 gunmen in Karachi and the reports now claim that all the terrorists have been shot dead. The official says that apart from the terrorists, 6 more people died.

The 4 gunmen attacked the building, which is located in a high-security area which also caters to the head offices of many private banks, with not just guns but also grenades, said Ghulam Nabi Menon, Chief of Karachi Police.

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Memon said, “Four attackers have been killed, they had come in a silver Corolla car,”.

News agency AFP reports 4 security guards, a bystander and a policeman also lost their lives, citing the statement of Karachi Police.

The statement read, “Police have recovered modern automatic weapons and explosive materials from the terrorists,”.

As of now no terrorist organisation has come forward to claim responsibility of the attack at the PSX.

The Pakistan Stock Exchange tweeted saying, “the situation is still unfolding”. While another read, “There was an attack on the PSX compound earlier today. The situation is still unfolding and management, with the help of security forces, is managing the security and controlling the situation,”.

The tweet also said, “We will issue a more detailed statement in due course once the situation is under control and more details are known. For now firing has stopped and reinforcement are in place,”.

Earlier in June, in a single day, 3 explosions were claimed by a little-known separatist group which killed 4 people including 2 Pakistani soldiers in the Southers province of Sindh whose capital is Karachi.

Governor of the Sindh province, Imran Ismail came forward and condemned the incident saying, “Strongly condemn the attack on PSX aimed at tarnishing our relentless war on terror. Have instructed the IG & security agencies to ensure that the perpetrators are caught alive & their handlers are accorded exemplary punishments. We shall protect Sindh at all costs,” on Twitter.

AFP reports, Karachi once being the hotspot of crime and political and ethnic violence, “with heavily armed groups tied to politicians frequently gunning down opponents and launching attacks on residential areas,”. Having said that, in recent years, the situation has been stabilised to a large extent following operations by security agencies against the terrorists and other armed political outfits.


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