Man Orders “McNothing Burger” From McDonald’s, See What He Got!

Viral Twitter Reacts After Man Order “McNothing Burger” And Received This


  • Man orders bizarre “McNothing Burger” from McDonald’s
  • Order was made using McDonald’s delivery app
  • The order has taken Twitter by storm, see what the man received

Owing to the new-age food delivery application one can now place and get their food delivered to doorsteps at a click of a button. The feature where one can customise their order is a boon, being able to choose what you want in your food and what not goes a long way. A man, recently, decided to test the limit of this feature and shared his bizarre yet funny experience on the internet.

Rob DenBleyker, an American cartoonist, ordered a rather unusual burger from McDonald’s which even left the staff members baffled at the fast-food chain. He ordered the “nothing burger” and actually gave it his own title of “McNothing burger”!

The American cartoonist took to the food delivery application DoorDash and fully customised his order of a regular McDonald’s Cheeseburger but removed almost everything from it leaving the burger with “nothing”. He then shared the screenshot of his order on Twitter which caught the Twitteratis by storm.

In his tweet he wrote, “OK let’s try this again, ordering a nothing burger from McDonald’s. This time nothing else was in the order. Will they cancel it? Deliver an empty bag? I am doing this so you don’t have to.”

Here is what he posted:

As you could see, Rob removed mustard, ketchup, diced onions, pickles, American cheese, bun, salt and even the meat patty itself from his selection of customisation options from the app. He also shared that he paid $1.89 for this cheeseburger.

The baffled delivery rider messaged back saying that the “restaurant is confused as to what you want on your order” however, Rob DenBleyker chose not to reply.

Leaving most of us surprised, Rob still got his order, and guess what did he receive? An “Empty wrapper!”

Rob DenBleyker documented his entire experience in a series of tweets and also shared a video of the unboxing of the order, which went viral with over 1 million (10 lakh) views on the micro-blogging platform.

He even tipped the delivery driver for his trouble to get his order of “nothing”.   

The tweet has gathered more than 2 lakh comments and some users were left amused by this prank, while many others snubbed it as a waste of McDonald’s time.

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