Maharashtra Districts To Run Out Of Vaccine Stock Soon, Amid Surge in Covid-19 Cases

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  • The BMC has confirmed that there is a shortage in the city, and that Covid shots are “about to” end.
  • According to Rajesh Tope, the state has requested more stock from the central government.
  • In the second wave of Covid infections, Maharashtra is the worst-affected state.

Parts of Maharashtra may run out of Covid vaccines in three days, and the state’s health minister, Rajesh Tope, told today that the Centre has been asked for more, as cities like Mumbai reported fast depleting stocks.

“Vaccine stocks in the state are only sufficient for three days. We also demanded that more vaccine be sent from the centre. This is in the state where the most cases are reported on a regular basis. Stocks in Mumbai are also only available for three days,” Mr Tope went on to say that he had told Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan of the situation via video conference the day before yesterday.

“Only 14 lakh doses of coronavirus vaccine are available today, indicating three-days supply. So, if we vaccinate 5 lakh people every day, we’ll need 40 lakh doses every week.”

The minister shared the concern with Harsh Vardhan and told -“Most of our vaccination centres were forced to close due to a shortage of doses. People are being sent back due to the scarcity of doses. I’ve been pleading with you to provide us with vaccine.”

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In the second wave of Covid infections, Maharashtra has been severely affected, with India registering 1.15 lakh cases in just 24 hours.

The Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has acknowledged that there is a shortage in the city and that Covid shots are “about to” end.

“The vaccine supply in Mumbai is rapidly depleting. The majority of the doses are going to government hospitals. There are only about one lakh Covishield doses left. There is a small scarcity. Rajesh Tope has spoken with the Center about this, “Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pednekar said.

“The centre needs to send us more stocks as soon as possible,” she said, encouraging people to take all necessary precautions.

As of this morning, the state of Maharashtra had about 14 lakh vaccine doses, according to a top Maharashtra health official.

“Either today or tomorrow, several districts will run out of Covid-19 stock. The condition has been brought to the attention of the Centre, and we have also communicated in writing “Pradeep Vyas, Maharashtra’s Principal Secretary for Health, told the Press Trust of India.

If there was clarity on schedule and availability, Maharashtra could easily administer five lakh Covid-19 vaccine shots daily, he said.

The state has been vaccinating about four lakh people every day for the past few days.

Since the vaccination campaign began in January, Maharashtra has vaccinated nearly 82 lakh people.

According to a statement released on Tuesday, Maharashtra issued 1.06 crore doses of the Covid vaccine, of which 88 lakhs were used and 3% were wasted.

Even as the state faces a vaccine shortage, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday to expand the vaccination campaign to all over the age of 25, citing the need to protect young people who are leaving their homes to work.

In a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Mr Thackeray also requested 1.5 crore more vaccine doses to help Maharashtra vaccinate all people aged 45 and up in six districts, including Mumbai, within three weeks.

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