LinkedIn Adds Hindi Language To Boost Access For 600 Million People Professionally

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Kumkum Pattnaik
Kumkum Pattnaik
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  • Members will be able to access their profile, feed, jobs, messaging, and create content in Hindi after this launch, both on PC and on their Android and iOS smartphones.
  • LinkedIn will aim to expand career possibilities for Hindi-speaking people across industries, including more banking and government positions.

On Thursday, LinkedIn launched Hindi, the platform’s first Indian regional language, with the goal of assisting 600 million Hindi language users worldwide.

LinkedIn hopes that by doing so, it would be able to break down language barriers, giving Hindi speakers in India and throughout the world better access to professional and networking opportunities. LinkedIn now supports 25 languages worldwide.

Members will be able to access their feed, profile, jobs, messaging, and create content in Hindi on PC, as well as on their Android and iOS phones, beginning today, as part of the first phase of the rollout of LinkedIn in Hindi.

LinkedIn stated that the next stage would be to broaden the range of career possibilities accessible for Hindi-speaking professionals across industries, including more banking and government jobs. In the following weeks, the platform will also continue to introduce more Hindi publishers and creators in order to increase member participation and conversations in Hindi.

With 82 million users as part of a worldwide community of 800 million, India is a major market for LinkedIn’s growth and the second largest market in terms of members after US. Over the last three years, India’s user base has increased by over 20 million (15 percent year on year), and there has been an increase in interaction and conversations on the platform since the pandemic.

Ashutosh Gupta, LinkedIn’s India Country Manager, stated, “In India, LinkedIn has been mission-critical to helping people connect, learn, grow and get hired during the pandemic and in this new world of work we are in. With the launch of Hindi, now more members and customers can unlock greater value from the platform through content, jobs, and networking, and express themselves in a language that they feel comfortable in.”

He further added, “We have witnessed high engagement and member growth in the last year, and it is at this exciting inflection point that we are strengthening our vision to create economic opportunity for every member of the workforce, and taking down language barriers for Hindi speakers across the world.”

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To access the Hindi version, users must first choose Hindi as their preferred device language in their phone settings. The LinkedIn experience will be available in Hindi for users who use Hindi as their preferred language on their devices, according to the company.

While the posts on the user’s home feed are displayed in the language in which they were originally created, users may access the Hindi translations of the posts by selecting the ‘See Translation’ option.

Members will also be able to build a LinkedIn profile in Hindi, making it simpler for members and recruiters who speak Hindi to locate them for relevant opportunities. Those who already have an English profile will be able to add a Hindi profile, which is currently only available on the desktop version.

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