Learn About The BTS Jungkook’s Weight Loss and Abs Workout Regimen: Here Is How The Singer Stays Fit

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Monika Ahuja
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  • BTS’s Jungkook shares his weight loss and abs workout journey, inspiring millions worldwide.
  • Unveil Jungkook’s go-to exercises like squats, lunges, and burpees for sculpting six-pack abs.
  • Jungkook emphasizes seeking professional guidance to ensure safe and effective fitness progress.

BTS Jungkook goes on a strict diet to maintain a slim album to lose weight. He regularly shows off his six-pack abs during his performances and drives the audience into a frenzy. 

But how did this K-pop artist get rid of stubborn belly fat and get in shape? BTS Jungkook has been working as a fitness motivator for years. The golden youngest admits to being obsessed with her abs and barely sitting still. 

To maintain his energy levels, Jungkook frequently engages in physical activity during filming and between takes. The musician admits that his daily fitness is more important than any other activity. JK works out frequently and follows a strict diet to maintain a healthy weight. 

A member of BTS ARMY asked Jungkook about his weight loss and exercise habits during a Weverse LIVE session. The singer enthusiastically shared tips to shed his extra pounds and urged his followers to exercise to stay in shape. Jungkook has revealed a morning workout routine that doesn’t require any special equipment. 

100 Squats

Jungkook advised his fans to do 100 squats soon after waking up. This exercise helps build core strength and flexibility. Helps tone the calves and shape the front and back of the thighs. According to OMH, this burns calories and reduces the risk of injury. Jungkook recommends doing 30 sit-ups but always consult a trainer before starting a new exercise program. It may work for JK, but it may not work for you. Abs should also be included as part of his daily workout program. It helps with weight loss and prevents lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes. 

Twenty Lunges 

Lunges are said to be good for the legs. According to Dr Kavita Narwa, inventor of the YOBICS workout and celebrity TV trainer, she uses this exercise to tone her glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings. He said regular exercise is essential for a full-body workout. Jungkook explained in the video that his daily training consists of 2 rounds of 20 lunges. 


BTS’ Jungkook said his routine involves doing a normal plank for one minute, then switching to a side plank for one minute on each side. Benefits of this exercise include strengthening core muscles, improving flexibility, and maintaining good posture. The Cleveland Clinic claims exercise can improve mental health. This allows you to track your strength progress. Breathing during the plank is important to strengthen your abs further. Using some specific breathing techniques can improve your mood. 

15 Burpees

Jungkook does 15 burpees to complete his workout. OMH says burpees are a full-body workout and should be part of your program. It helps burn calories, increases strength and endurance, improves cardiovascular fitness, and promotes functional fitness. 

Recommended by BTS singer Jungkook, these exercises will help you get six-pack abs. However, please note that he is not a fitness trainer and has no related expertise. Therefore, seeking professional help before starting an exercise program or making any major lifestyle changes is highly recommended.

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