India Men ODI Team Is The Most Successful In The Decade

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Yesterday, Indian won their 157thgame in the ODI (One Day International) format in Cuttack to win the 3 match series against West Indies. With this the men in blue became the most successful team of the decade in 50 over game format of the decade (2010-2019).

India have marked this decade as the most dominating decade when it comes to the ODI cricket. During 2010 and 2019, India has won 157 ODI matches out of 249 they have played, with this, India also has the most ODI wins in this decade.

Let us take a look at the numbers to see how dominating decade it was for India in ODIs

India’s Win/Loss ratio is 1.987 which is the highest of any team in ODI cricket between the 1st January, 2010 and 22nd December, 2019 (India played its last game for the decade yesterday). Additionally, India has only lost 79 ODIs in the 249 games the team played, with 7 games ending in “No Result” and 6 game ended in as “draw”.

South Africa has the second best Win/Loss with 1.676, the team dominated the game in the first half of the decade, and have won 114 games out of 188 matches it has played. With 114 win, South Africa, sits 4th of the list of teams with most wins in this decade.

Australia has a Win/Loss ratio of 1.582 and is the third most successful team of the decade. Australia ranks 2ndwhen it comes to the most wins in the decade, Australia has won 125 ODI out of 216 they played in the decade.

England stands third on both most win and Win/Loss ration with 123 out of 218 ODIs and 1.500 respectively. They even won their first ever World Cup in 2019.

When it comes to most ODI series win during this decade (2010-2019), India comes triumphant as they won 35 series. England and Australia ranks 2nd and 3rd on the list with 32 and 30 ODI series win respectively.

India has made the top of the list for the first time in last 3 decades. Since 1990 India did not even feature the top 3 when it comes to Win/Loss ratio in ODI cricket.

Between 1990 and 1999 South Africa were the most dominating team in ODIs with a Win/Loss ratio of 1.803. South Africa also won 110 matches from the 177 matches it played in the same period. Australia were close with a Win/Loss ratio of 1.728 and winning 140 of the 225 ODI it played.

During 1990 and 1999, Pakistan was the third most dominating team with Win/Loss ratio of 1.390, they not only won 146 out of 261 matches they played but also won the 1992 World Cup. West Indies placed 4th with a Win/Loss ratio of 1.078, winning 96 out of 195 ODIs they played in this period. India, however, ranked 5th with a Win/Loss ratio of 1.016, the team in blue won 122 games out of 257 it played.

Top 5 teams between 1990 and 1999 based on Win/Loss ratio in ODI cricket (1990-1999)

South Africa – 1.803

Australia – 1.728

Pakistan – 1.390

West Indies – 1.078

India – 1.016

Coming to 2000 and 2009, Indian had a good start they even reached the finals of the 2003 World Cup and won the 2002 Champions Trophy along with the Natwest Series in the same year. However, their Win/Loss ratio was far from that of top 3.

Top 5 teams between 2000 and 2009 based of Win/Loss ratio in ODI cricket (2000-2009)

Australia – 3.060 (202 wins in 282 matches)

South Africa – 1.825 (157 wins in 254 matches)

Sri Lanka – 1.396 (155 wins in 276 matches)

Pakistan – 1.360 (151 wins in 267 matches)

India – 1.238 (161 in 307 matches)

World Cup and Champions Trophy between 2010 and 2019

India have not won any ICC tournament since 2013, however, the team in blue has been the most consistence in the major ICC tournaments.

Under the leadership of M S Dhoni, India won its 2nd ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy, when the Indian skipper hit the final knock against Sri Lanka in Mumbai at the Wankhede Stadium. Indian won the title of World Champions after 28 long years.

Just 2 years later, in 2013, again under M S Dhoni’s captaincy India won yet another ICC trophy, this time defeating the host, England. India won a thriller of a match to put hands on the Champions Trophy.

At the 2015 World Cup, India reached the semi-finals but were eliminated by Australia who then went ahead winning the World Cup that year.

In 2017, Champions Trophy came again, India reached the finals of the competition but were defeated by New Zealand.

In the 2019’s World Cup that was hosted by England, who also won the World Cup, India topped the league table, but were later stunned by, yet one more time, by New Zealand.

In the decade, India won a World Cup, a Champions Trophy, made 2 Semi-Final appearances, and one appearance in Finals. No other team were able to match this feat.

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