India Could See 2.87 Lakh Cases Of COVID-19 every Day In 2021 Says Report

India Will Report Almost 3 Lakh Cases A Day In 2021 If A Vaccine Is Not Launched Soon


  • Researchers at MIT claims India would be the worst hit country of COVID-19 in 2021
  • They say without a viable cure, India could see 2.87 lakh cases every day

The researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology say that the worst of the Coronavirus pandemic is far from over and India could very well witness a huge rise in the COVID-19 cases in the months to come if a viable vaccine or drug for the deadly virus is not found soon.

According to their study, India could be the worst-hit country in the entier word with as many as 2.87 lakh cases of COVID-19 being reported every day by the end of winder of 2021.

The study at Massachusetts Institute of Technology was prepared by Hazir Rahmandad, John Sterman, and TY Lim of MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

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The study also said that the United States of America will witness 95,400 cases a day, South Africa will see 20,600, Iran will report 17,000 cases per day, Indonesia will report 13,200, the United Kingdom will stand at 4,200 cases per day, Nigeria with 4,000, Turkey will report 4,00 as well, France will report 3,300 and Germany will report 3,000 cases of the novel Coronavirus every day.

According to the study, the world could see 249 million or 24.9 crore COVID-19 and 1.8 million or 18 lakh casualties by the spring of 2021 if there is no effective treatments or vaccinations launched for the deadly virus.

The researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology user SEIR or Susceptible, Exposed, Infectious, Recovered model to predict these numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths. The model used, SEIR, is a standard mathematical model which is used by epidemiologists for analysis.

The study dives into three factors:

  • The existing testing rates and response
  • Whether the testing increases 0.1 percent on a day-to-day basis from July 1
  • If the testing remains at current levels but contact rate or how many people are infected by one person, is estimated to be eight.

The study conducted at Massachusetts Institute of Technology is based on a study of 84 countries which comprises 60% of the global population.


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