Haryana Policeman Leaves Clue To Catch The Accused Before Succumbing To His Wounds

Haryana Policeman Leaves Clue To Catch The Accused Before Succumbing To His Wounds


  • Presence of mind of a Haryana Cop before dying helps police force
  • 5 out of 6 accused in the murder of have already been caught
  • Constable Ravinder Singh wrote down the registration number of the killers’ car

The Haryana police have confirmed that on Monday that 5 out of the 6 accused in the murder of 2 on-duty policemen in the Sonipat district last week have been arrested. The 6th accused was killed by Police in Jind district.

The identification of the accused was facilitated as one of the murdered cops  Ravinder Singh, 28 year old, in the heroic and prescient act used his presence of mind and scribbled the registration number of the vehicle of the accused on the palm of his hand before he was killed.

Up until the revelation of the vital clue, the police were facing a battle in identifying the killers.

The registration number of the vehicle was only discovered during the postmortem which gave the colleagues of the Haryana Police constable a crucial lead in solving the murder ald also of Special Police Officer, Kaptan Singh who was 42 years old.

The Director General of Police (DGP), Haryana, Manoj Yadav said, “It was a basic policing skill that our brave Constable Ravinder Singh displayed before losing his life. He scribbled the vehicle number on his hand which was noticed during the postmortem,”.

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Yadav added that Martyr Ravinder Singh would be recommended for the posthumous Police medal.

Ravinder Singh along with Kaptal Singh were found dead in a pool of blood on Tuesday last week, after the initial inquiries it was reported that the two encountered the accused as they were drinking in a car parked on the side of the Sonipat- Jind road near the Butana Police Station.

This was not only illegal but what makes it more surprising is that this happened while a curfew had been put in place to contain the novel Coronavirus.

In an attempt to break up the drinking, the police officers and the accused got into a heated argument. They were then attacked with sharp weapons. It was reported that after the attack on the policemen the accused got into their vehicle and sped off towards Jind.

As on Friday, 8 police officers of the Uttar Pradesh Police department were murdered by the gangster and history-sheeter Vikas Dubey and his gang and remains at large, Haryana Police has reminded its force in the state to follow the existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) while launching and/ or conducting operations or even engaging a suspect. Manoj Yadav said, “The SOPs already exist and it just needs to be reiterated. Using bulletproof jackets and vehicles during such operation, maintaining the secrecy of the details are a few such guidelines which exist,”.

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