In an interview, Apple CEO reveals what happens with Android Phone at Apple Stores.

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Tim Cook, CEO, Apple Inc., recently revealed what Apple does to the Android Phone that they receive. As the Salesforce Event, Dreamforce 2019 concluded in San Francisco, US, Tim Cook participated in an exclusive fireside chat with Marc Benioff where the CEO asked the audience whether someone among them uses an Android phone, then he in humour said ‘If you have an Android, we do recycle those at the Apple Store’.

The audience, along with the host Benioff laughed at his remark. Later Cook thanked the audience for using Apple products. Additionally, Cook pointed out that the chief objective of the company is to make ‘the world’s best products and enriching people’s lives’. Cook took to his twitter handle and shared how overwhelmed he was seeing the Salesforce and Developers using Apple products and softwares.

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During the chat, Cook also exclaimed that together with Salesforce, Apple can ‘ignite productivity’ and acquire the knowledge that will be best for their business. During the chat, Cook discussed numerous other topics like the environment, innovation, data privacy, and AI (Artificial Intelligence). While talking about Late Steve Jobs, Cook said he always wondered why Jobs would leave the office early, even before Cook himself, however, before leaving he would always discuss ideas with him.

Coming back to Android comment, this wasn’t the first time Cook took a dig at company’s rival firm Google, and something tells us, it won’t be the last either. Earlier, Cook has expressed his concerns over ever increasing breaches of data and privacy and compared IOS with Android.

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During the event, Cook laid emphasis on the fact that privacy, and user’s data protection are very important, he said that for the company it is of chief importance to ‘embed privacy in all our products’. He continued by saying ‘privacy is very important to us, we view privacy as a fundamental human right. We double down on that many many times’. Cook said ‘you think about it in the development process of products. You can see what happens when companies wake up one day and decide they’re going to do something privacy-wise. You just don’t do it. You have to design it in’.

During the chat with Benioff which lasted for around half an hour, Cook said he and the company are concerned about the environment. He said that in the company, both he, and his co-workers firmly abide by the rule of recycling of its products. He added by saying that the company is working towards minimizing Carbon footprint.

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