First OnePlus TV from factory shown off by OnePlus CEO before packaging, calls it an amazing TV

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OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has shared the first glimpse of the first OnePlus TV from the factory. On his Twitter post, he calls it an amazing TV.


  • OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has shown off the first OnePlus TV before its retail packaging.
  • The OnePlus TV will have a single 55-inch model in India initially.
  • OnePlus will be relying on a 4K QLED screen and Google’s Android TV OS.

Over the last two weeks, a lot has been revealed about the OnePlus TV. And time, it’s genuinely a lot. Right from revealing the logo of the product to talking about some of the headlining features of the TV, OnePlus hasn’t left much to the imagination. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau even went on to say that the OnePlus TV will be good looking. And this is where we are still in the dark as nobody has till now shown a photo of the OnePlus TV. Well, Pete Lau probably couldn’t hold himself and has now shared an official photo of the TV.

On his social media channel, the OnePlus CEO has shared two photos of the OnePlus TV being packaged at the factory. And what’s special about it is that the photos Lau shared on Twitter show the first OnePlus TV being packaged at the factory. And in that, we can see a lot of the OnePlus TV for the first time in the flesh. Wonder how it looks? Well, from the pictures, it seems like any other premium TV.

Last week, Pete Lau in an interview with India Today Tech shared that OnePlus is only bringing the 55-inch model to the Indian market first, thereby following the one-market-one-model strategy for the time being. And that’s what is seen in the photo – a massive TV with a big screen and very narrow bezels all around. At first glance, it looks similar to any other premium smart TV.

While OnePlus talked a great deal about the hardware, it also stressed on the software experience a lot as said in the interview. The OnePlus TV shown here isn’t showing the interface but all we can see at the moment is the no signal notification on the screen. This screen interface looks quite similar to what you have seen on most Android TVs. In one of the latest leaks, it is suggested that the OnePlus TV will come with Android 9 Pie on board along with OnePlus’ optimizations to make the overall user experience faster.ADVERTISEMENT

This is the first time OnePlus is venturing into another segment in the electronics market and in the interview with India Today Tech, the intention to get it right in the first attempt was expressed by the CEO. OnePlus is going after premium TV segment where the major players such as Samsung, LG and Sony rule at the moment. OnePlus seems to be leaving no stone unturned, as is evident from their decision to go with a QLED screen and an optimised version of Android TV OS for which the team has worked with Google to get the best experience.

The OnePlus TV will launch in September and is expected to launch alongside the OnePlus 7T series phones.

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