Feng Shui not working?? Let’s see if you find the reason here!!

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A person can use Feng Shui for couple of reasons, maybe for finding love, or to attract money, or maybe for happiness and health. So if you have used Feng Shui in your space, you had your reason.

Some of you would have read some articles online on Feng Shui application and went with that, some of you may have discussed with an expert of Feng Shui and other would have done both, but you are disheartened because you did not see the results yet? Aren’t we correct!!

Now hold on, don’t just say the Feng Shui is mere superstition and nothing else, we have a list of reasons due to which Feng Shui is not working for you how you wanted it to work. Let’s go through them together and see if you did or did not follow the correct application:

The changes suggested were never made

Now believe you us, this happens a lot of than you think, people consult or go through several articles to apply Feng Shui into their space but never go forward with making the changes.

More often than not it happens that a single member of the family seeks Feng Shui’s help to improve the energy in their space whereas the other members do not believe in Feng Shui or are resisting the changes. Now understand, if you went through this, you need to renegotiate with them, try not bringing up the term Feng Shui or say that you are making changes because of some beliefs, just simple tell them you feel like making the changes. Give them the condition of going back to the old arrangement if they do not like the new one.

You need to understand, people are afraid of change and at times they are too lazy to make changes in the first place. So it is very important for you to calm them down and make them feel better about the changes you have in mind.

Partial implementation of Feng Shui

Most of the times, people will just read an article online and never consult with an expert, what they do in this process are only implementing Feng Shui partially, and this will not produce the desired results as intended or as quickly.

A Feng Shui expert told their experience ‘One caller asked if I could just ‘Feng Shui’ her bedroom since she had recently hired a decorator and was suffering from relationship problems. When I explained that authentic Feng Shui doesn’t work that way and that her own birth chart and building’s location, compass directions and construction date have far more influence over her experience than simple room décor, she was caught off guard. This is one of the most widely held myths of authentic Feng Shui and its correlation to luck’.

This clearly tell us that Feng Shui is not just about decorating your house, it goes beyond that, we are not saying that those items will not help, but they will not be as effective as they could have been otherwise.

Following partial rules of Feng Shui

At times, people implementing Feng Shui think they are following a certain rule and that will make thing better, but unfortunately Feng Shui is not ‘Black and White’ there are many rules associated with one single thing.

Let’s take an example where you read in an article that the bed should always be placed in the command position, you say okay, I can do that, and change the placement. But what you didn’t find was that there are other rules you need to follow for bed placement. Like, your command position is right under a window? Or when you changed the placement of your bed, the bedroom’s door faces your bed? 

Both of these scenarios are bad in Feng Shui, so before implementing any change, you must consult with an expert.

Using the wrong Feng Shui items

Feng Shui is gaining popularity all over the globe, and people are telling you to do all sort of thing to attract positive Feng Shui energies, there are certain items that you should never use until you are being told by an expert, for example, a Bagua mirror.

Feng Shui is not magic, every problem is unique and so is the solution, hence we highly advise you to consult with an expert before making any major changes.

Fenh Shui cures, boosts, and other items should only be place in ones space after considering your birth chart, location of the building, date of construction of the building, and also the direction of your space that is faces.

Misinterpretation of Feng Shui benefits

One needs to understand that in Feng Shui the terms might have a completely different meaning than what you would have thought.

Giving you an example:

Attracting Love in Feng Shui is completely different from improving romance, let us explain, traditionally, Feng Shui for attracting love was used by singles who were looking for partners, and if you use Feng Shui cures, boost when you are already married or in a relationship, this will most definitely attract a third wheel. Feng Shui for improving love is used by people in a relationship or married to revive or boost their love. 

Bazi was ignored during Feng Shui readings

Bazi in Feng Shui is more intense than your Kua number, as Kua is found out by the your birth year, Bazi requires not only year, but also the month, day, and even the time of your birth.

Your Kua number can be shared with thousands if not millions of people but your Bazi is much more precise. With the help of Bazi, an expert can better tell you the details about your personality, health, and which of the 5 elements of Feng Shui you will need.

You consulted more experts than needed

See, it might be comparing apple with oranges, but it is always advised to get a second opinion from another doctor once you visit a certain doctor, but if you visit maybe let’s say five or six doctors, you will be confused with all the different diagnostics, similarly, consulting with too many Feng Shui experts becomes problematic.

Not converting or outright ignoring opportunities

We have heard a story when we were little where a person was stuck in the flood, he refused to get on a rescue boat, and later refused to get on the helicopter that came in to rescue him, saying I pray and have prayed to god since all my life and he’ll come down himself to save me. He died and when he met god, upon asking why god did not come to save him, the god replied, I sent a boat and a helicopter but you did not take them, I cannot come everywhere but I always send help.

Similarly, after applying Feng Shui in your space you cannot just sit around expecting everything to happen on its own, if you used Feng Shui for Wealth, you will get opportunities to make money, but you cannot expect money to just come in on its own.

Additionally, people use Feng Shui for health, but eat junk food all day long, don’t indulge in exercises, you are not going to get healthy that way, Feng Shui help you reach your goals, but at the end of it, you are the own who needs to walk the path.

You lack Patience

According to majority of Feng Shui experts, once you apply Feng Shui in your space, it takes at least 3 months to start delivering results. Be patient, you will start small opportunities and when you start capturing them they will accumulate and attract bigger opportunities.

Final Words

One must remember, Feng Shui is not the golden ticket that will open the gates to the life you always dreamed of. You need to work on your goals, and not miss on the opportunities that you get, we know ignorance is bliss, but you need to be smart as in where that must be used.

Apart from your actions, your attitude, your personality and liking plays a major role in Feng Shui, if you buy and place an item in your space but you don’t like it, trust us, it won’t help you, if you don’t like it, the feeling will be mutual. And you can confirm it with an expert as well.

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