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To benefit from the positive energy of Feng Shui one has to make sure that every room in his house flows with positive energy. Below you will find tips on how to invite positive Feng Shui energy in every single room of your house.

Front Door is where the energy enters from

In Chinese geomancy, front door is called ‘the mouth of Chi’. Your front door is the gateway for the energies (Chi) to come into your house. Use Feng Shui colours or objects that attracts at the porch or the main gate of your house to invite the Feng Shui energy, make sure whatever you choose is in harmony with you liking. Take good care of your front door and it will attract good energy to you.

Feng Shui energy for the Living Room

A family or an individual spends most of their time in the living room hence it becomes important to create and attract good energy in this part of the house.

Use Bagua, also called Pakua, is a tool used in Feng Shui to analyse the energy of a space. One needs to decorate the living room with right Feng Shui Colours. Take a leap and use Feng Shui birth elements and find ‘Kua number’ for you and your family and use the number in decorating and rearranging your space.

Invite Fang Shui energy to your Bedroom

Keeping your bedroom simple and clean is a very good start, this will keep the negative energy out and invite the positive ones in. Good energy flowing in the bedroom means you will have exultant relationships. Using purple bedsheets, rugs or golden frame on furniture, it will all help attract good energy.

Invite Fang Shui energy to your Kitchen

Kitchen is connected with the wealth in Feng Shui, if you want good energy to flow into your life a well decorated and tidy kitchen will help you. Kitchen is believed to be the heart of a house.  A kitchen may pose complications with disorder, untidiness, or even if your stove facing the wrong direction. One needs to keep the space clean and the ideal position to put a stove is facing South or SouthWest. Use Bagua to analyse the energy and work on it accordingly.

Feng Shui for your Bathroom

In Feng Shui, bathroom does not have a very good reputation, nonetheless, you can still create Feng Shui energy in it. Before anything, one must note that a Bathroom should never be right above the Front door or the Main entry of your home, secondly, it should never be situated in the centre of the house. Keep it clutter-free and place some Feng Shui items in there.

Feng Shui for the Kids’ room

It is of paramount importance that a child’s room have a flow of good Feng Shui energy as it will directly lead to a healthier, and cheerful child. If your child’s room have bad energy in it will lead to child getting crank, may face loss of sleep or even weaken the immune system.

Create a healthy and enjoyable room for your child in, even if the child is a toddler.

Attract Feng Shui in your Home Office

Your home work office should be in harmony with your personality, before choosing the colours and furniture, you need to work on the layout. As every individual is unique so is their office. A painter or a sculptor may need a bigger and spacious office than you. However ever office can use Feng Shui and attract positive energy for wealth, just by planting trees or placing some objects like crystals, you  invite Feng Shui ebergy for wealth.

Storage and garage are equally important in Feng Shui

As per the Chinese philosophy, a clean and organized closet and garage are as important as any other space of your house. Garage and Closets, both contribute to your overall Feng Shui energy, by ignoring them you may as well be inviting bad energy unknowingly.

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