Elderly Man Fight Off Burglar, Video Goes Viral On Social Media

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An elderly man from the United Kingdom (UK) is winning the internet for all the right reasons. A video was posted by the South Wales Police Cardiff shows the 77 year old man courageously fighting off a burglar who tried to steal the money from him after he withdraws cash from an ATM.

In the video, the elderly stepped out of his car in front of the ATM to withdraw cash, and as he is done with his business, a man carrying a rucksack bag tries to steal the money and other valued items from him. Thinking that an almost 80 year old man would be an easy target, thing soon turned sour for the thief when he decided to fight back.

The incident was captured in the CCTV looking at the ATM.

The old man fights off the burglar bravely and uses boxing skills for self-defence to the the thief who ran away with nothing in his hand.

The video, which was posted on the 18thFebruary 2020 has almost 2,90,000 views and over 2,500 shares and was flooded with comments from all over the globe. Netizens were impressed with the bravery shown by the elderly and how he kept his composure in the situation.

One comment read “What an amazing man how brave of him! I hope he is ok and this hasn’t affected him to badly”. Another comment read, “So proud of that old man. Standing his ground.”

A user wrote, “This gentleman is an absolute hero”. “absolute legend” another user wrote.

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