Doctor Goes Viral For His Gentle Method Of Administering Vaccine Shots To Babies

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  • A doctor’s sweet technique of diverting a baby while administering a shot has gone viral.
  • Dr. Sayed Mujahid Husain, a paediatrician, posted the video to his personal Instagram account.
  • Since it was first shared, the video has approximately 21 million views, and that number is constantly growing.

Parents frequently find the first vaccine shot for their child to be an unpleasant sight. Everyone hates seeing their child in pain, even if the shots are necessary for their long-term health. However, some medical professionals can make it simple for the parent and the child. One such video is currently trending online and winning the hearts of many.

Dr. Sayed Mujahid Husain, a consultant paediatrician at the Goodwill Children’s Clinic in Bengaluru, uploaded the video on Instagram. In the video, a baby is seen laying in the doctor’s office as the medical professional amuses the child by making noises and gestures. The baby settles in and starts enjoying herself.  The doctor quickly administers the baby’s vaccine dose. She doesn’t cry, and he gives the infant a high-five while saying “superb.”

Since being posted on November 23, the video has received over 1.2 million likes and 21 million views on the social media site, and those numbers are still rising. The video has also garnered a number of comments.

One user wrote, “Praying that with all my hard work, inspiration from doctors like you, and blessings from my loved ones, I will one day be a great doctor like you.”

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Another person wrote, “Commendable attempt.”

The doctor’s efforts were appreciated by a third user, who wrote: “I am showing this to my uncle kids who want to be doctors and they were so inspired and also fascinated and one of them want to become like you sirrr.. appreciating for your work hats off.”

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