Dalit Man Beaten In Nagaur, Rajasthan says “My entire body has been aching” As He Recalls The Incident

Dalit Man Beaten In Nagaur

The video of two Dalit men being brutally beaten in Nagaur, Rajasthan took the internet by storm, allegedly they were caught stealing from a two wheeler agency. The victim of the incident have opened up about the trauma they are experiencing. One of the two Dalit men said that he was violated by a screwdriver which was first dipped in fuel, he adds that he still feels the pain of the torture he went through. While speaking to a leading news channel in India, he was quoted saying, “My entire body has been aching”.

According to the man, he went to the service centre of the two wheeler in Nagaur, Rajasthan to pay an instalment for the vehicle he purchased, he adds that at the service centre he got engaged in a verbal altercation with some men present there.

The man there accused the Dalit man of stealing money and the other Dalit man, who accompanied him to the service centre that the attacker started recording the video and asked the two of them to reenact the stealing for the camera.

The first man said that he was not only brutally beaten but petrol was poured up his rectum, he said, “The accused kept us captive and released us only after we gave them Rs 5,000,” the man said. “I had to go through extreme pain. I was beaten up, was abused.”

The man said that initially, he did not discuss the incident with anyone, not even his family know about it, but, as the video went viral a few days after the incident he approached the police.

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The man’s father said that the whole family is scared and even claimed that a relative of one of the accused of traumatising and beating the victim threatened them. The father of the victim said, “The relative of the accused said take Rs 80,000 and close the matter, otherwise, will kill you” as he spoke to India Today TV.

The local police in Rajasthan arrested 7 people in this case. The police also registered a case after the shocking video surfaced showing the torture the two Dalit men went through.

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