Coronavirus Update: This Indian State Is using Hand-Stamps To Identify People Self-Quarantined Due To Novel Coronavirus

Self Quarantine Stamps Used In Maharashtra

At the time when the entire world has waged a war against the novel Coronavirus which has been declared a global Pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO), this state in India has come up with a unique and interesting wat to keep a check on the self-quarantined people.

In the latest development to contain the COVID-19, the government of the richest state of India, Maharashtra, has begun “marking” people with a stamp of indelible ink who have been advised to go under self-quarantine by the medical staff.

The word “HOME QUARANTINED” is stamped on the hand of the potential suspected carriers of this pandemic as a measure to ensure that they isolate themselves for 14 days.

The ink that is being used for the stamping purpose is the same that are used to mark the voters during the elections on the finger and nail.

In India, Maharashtra is the epicentre of Coronavirus with 39 people tested positive and 1 death due to the same as per reports. Over 100 people have been quarantined in hospitals and more than 600 people have been asked to go into self-quarantine.

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Rajesh Tope, Health Minister of Maharashtra said, “People who have been advised to self-quarantine will be stamped, like during elections, on their hand mentioning the date until when they should be indoors. If such people go out, others can identify them as home quarantine patients,”, on Tuesday.

All those who have a recent travel history of a foreign land or people who have come in contact with people who have travelled overseas but are symptom-free have been advised to isolate themselves.

On Tuesday, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Uddhav Thackeray said, “Those who require self-quarantine but don’t want to stay in hospital or hotels and want to go home, they should have a sense of responsibility. They should not roam around freely. They should follow quarantine strictly,”.

Most of India is in lockdown with many states and union territories have shut down schools, colleges, cinema halls and many other places where mass gatherings can happen in a fight against the novel Coronavirus. As of now, the total number of lives claimed by this deadly virus is 3 in the country.

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Today, Dr Balram Bhargava, Director General of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) said that India is still in “stage 2” of the Coronavirus outbreak.

ICMR has said that by the end of this week, 50 more labs will be up and running for the testing of Coronavirus infection.

Dr Bhargava added, “We have also engaged non-ICMR, Ministry of Health, Govt laboratories include CSIR, DRDO, DBT, Govt medical colleges, we have 49 of those labs which will start testing by the end of this week”.

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