China to become third nation to have Missile Defence System, after US and Russia

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Not long ago Beijing revealed its ‘State of the art missiles’ system, now Moscow uncovers its plans to help China become the third country (after USA and Russia) to have Missile Defence System, this will drastically increase China’s defensive capabilities.

The system will warn about the ballistic missile launches on an intercontinental level, and since the era of cold war US and Russia have had this system as ground based radars and space satellites. In an international affairs conference held in Moscow on Thursday. Putin said, “This is a very serious thing that will radically enhance China’s defence capability”. This statement raised a lot of eyes on a global level as this signals to a new degree of defence cooperation between these two countries while China and US are going through rifts with trade wars.

In June, Xi Jinping, Chinese president called Vladimir his ‘best and bosom fiend’ saying he values their ‘deep friendship’. This new alliance received mixed reviews from Chinese populations, on their social media platform ‘Weibo’ some called it beginning of a great strategic cooperation, while some remained sceptic if China really needs Russia’s help.

Earlier this week, China revealed its latest addition to its military hardware which includes a hypersonic missile, which is believed will be a challenge for US to counter. In theory, this missile named ‘DF-17’ can reach manifold the speed of sound which makes it a difficult task to defend against.

Couple of months ago, US was accused of fuelling their missile arsenal after they tested their cruise missile that hit its test target after covering over 500 kms in distance. This test was condemned both by China and Russia as weeks before testing the missile US withdrew itself from a cold war era missile control treaty which would have made this test for US illegitimate.

This treaty that was signed in 1987 by Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev banned both nations from using missile with ranges from 500 kms to 5,500 kms, aiming to shrink their ability to launch a nuclear strike. Sergei Ryabkov, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister said Russia will not add any other missiles to its arsenal unless US do. China issued a statement saying testing missiles like this will lead to ‘another round of the arms race’, and have a ‘serious negative impact on international and regional security’.

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