California Wakes Up To Apocalypse Like Orange Skies As Wildfire Rages In The Area

California Wildfire Raging, Engulfes 25 Mile Area And Left Atleast 3 Dead


  • California wildfire raging, covers 25 miles area in a day
  • At least 3 people have lost their lives due to the Wildfire
  • People in California wake up to apocalyptic orange skies

Residents of 3 prominent areas of California, United States of America  – Bay Area, Oakland and San Francisco – woke up to a rather disorienting orange skies today. Soon the US based micro blogging website Twitter was flooded with the images people had to share of the apocalyptic orange ski which was caused by the raging wildfires in California.

The wildfire in California has covered 25 miles (or 40 kms) in a single day and have caused deaths of at least 3 people.

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A thick smoke choked the air on Wednesday and cast an unnerving orange hue across a large portion of the region.

In the meantime, the meteorologists have said that the air quality has not deteriorated as much as it might look by looking at the skies.

News agency AFP reported, “Skies so dark, at times that it appeared more night than day, were accompanied in some places with ash falling like snow,”.

Let us take a look at some of the pictures and videos that the people from California shared on the micro blogging website Twitter:

The orange tint in the skies across California was caused by the winds which are carrying the wildfire smoke from afar. The Northern California is witnessing wildfire burning from more than three weeks now. It is being aided by the high wind. The wildfires have consequently spread at an aggressive rate across the mountainous terrain and parched foothills and have destroyed an untold number of homes over its way.

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