10 Best Horror Movies in India to Haunt Your Dreams

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Horror stories have been told in India since the dawn of humanity. From historical narratives about ghosts, monsters, terrible devils, and terrifying jins to some exciting action sequences, Indian horror films have transformed to explore the myriad facets of fear and adapt to the tastes and preferences of their audiences. This blog is a curation of some spine-tingling sensations where we will talk about the best horror movies in India that have not just enthralled and terrified their audiences but have also shown us a darker side of Indian cinema. We will also learn some secrets behind the making of a great horror film, from atmospheric cinematography to masterful storytelling.

Top 10 Indian Best Horror Movies for Cinematic Nightmares

We laid the groundwork for an in-depth examination of the genre, from its lengthy history to the cultural forces that mould its stories. These Indian horror movies will tap into the darkest corners of your mind.

1. Pari (2018)

It is one of the best horror movies on Amazon Prime India, directed by debutant filmmaker Prosit Roy and produced by Anushka Sharma and Karnesh Sharma. The tale’s protagonist is a young man named Arnab who meets Rukhsana, an enigmatic woman trapped in a cottage in the woods. Rukhsana’s beauty and apparent ignorance of the modern world pique Arnab’s interest, so he takes her in and tries to help her get used to life outside of confinement.

Performances and Graphic Narration

  • The poignant portrayal of Pari gives the role complexity and vulnerability, which helps us identify with Pari’s hardships and her need for approval.
  • Pari’s use of colour to convey a sense of dread and foreboding is equally striking in its visual narrative.
  • The film masterfully conveys Pari’s loneliness and the unnerving quality of her abilities through the use of close-ups, shadows, and unusual camera angles.

In addition to being a scary movie, Pari delves deeply into the complexity of identity, the power of the paranormal, and human nature. Long after the credits have rolled, the film continues to impact audiences, forcing them to face their own prejudices and fears.

2. 1920 (2008)

It is one of the best horror movies in India, directed by Vikram Bhatt. The story canters around a married couple who reside in a haunted house. Rajneesh Duggal played the role of Arjan Singh, a young guy travelling to Rajasthan for work. Lisa, a stunning woman who resides in a stately haveli, draws him in. But as their bond grows, Arjan learns Lisa is hiding a terrible secret: a spiteful ghost that haunts the haveli and is connected to her past.

Performances and Graphic Narration

  • Rajneesh Duggal portrays Arjan, a guy torn between the supernatural and love, in a captivating way. Anita Sharma is excellent in the role of Lisa; her depiction of a woman troubled by her history gives the character nuance and compassion.
  • The evocative photography of the film creates a mood that perfectly complements the scary and suspenseful tone of the story by capturing the majesty and loneliness of the haveli.
  • Beyond its terrifying elements, “1920” delves into issues of love, grief, and the fallout from past deeds. The supernatural aspects of the movie are a metaphor for the strength of forgiveness and the after effects of trauma.

“1920” has received recognition for its deft use of scares, ranging from mildly eerie moments to overtly horrific ones. The supernatural aspects of the movie are a metaphor for the strength of forgiveness and the aftereffects of trauma.

3. The House Next Door ((2017)

Directed by Milind Rau, this supernatural thriller is one of the top Indian horror movieswith many good scares that can unnerve viewers.The narrative centres on brain surgeon Krish and his wife Lakshmi, who become disturbed when a disobedient teenager and her stepmother move in next door. The youngster experiences several paranormal incidents, leading to a conflict between good and evil as Krish and Lakshmi try to drive the spirits out of their home.

Performances and Graphic Narration

  • Siddharth plays Krishnakanth in a way that is both compelling and evocative. As Lakshmi, Andrea Jeremiah excels in her depiction of a woman torn between terror and unbelief, giving the character nuance and believability.
  • The film’s cinematography, with its moody, dark colours, conveys the spooky atmosphere of the narrative. With its subdued groans, creaks, and whispers, the sound design heightens the eerie atmosphere of the movie and keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.
  • “The House Next Door” delves into themes of good against evil, the strength of belief, and the consequences of venturing into the unknown, all while exploring terrifying imagery.

The supernatural aspects of the movie are a metaphor for the evil inside the human psyche and the risks associated with facing it. The movie’s climax is especially remarkable since it offers a terrifying conclusion that stays with the audience.

4. Stree (2018)

Directed by Amar Kaushik, it is one of the best horror movies in India which is available on Netflix. It is based on an urban legend and is set in a community where a witch has been kidnapping men for years. The narrative centres on a young man who first develops feelings for a girl but later starts to believe that she might be a witch.

Performances and Graphic Narration

  • Rajkummar Rao gives a remarkable performance that highlights his range as an actor. As Stree, Shraddha Kapoor excels, giving the role a feeling of mystery, threat, and even vulnerability.
  • The film’s horror components come from the tense build-up, spooky atmosphere, and the menacing presence of Stree herself, while its humour comes from its clever speech, exaggerated characters, and comic situations.
  • “Stree” makes societal commentary on topics like patriarchy, superstition, and the silence of women’s voices. The film transcends its status as a horror comedy by delving further into these issues and giving the story additional depth and impact.

“Stree” is a compelling story that provokes thinking because it deftly combines aspects of comedy, horror, and societal satire. The movie’s climax ties up the movie’s love, grief, and fallout themes in a poignant and potent way.

5. Tumbbad (2018)

Directed by Rahi Anil Barve, it is the first Indian ghost movie to premiere at the 75th Venice International Film Festival. The tale’s protagonist is Vinayak Rao, a young man from the village of Tumbbad who inherits a run-down mansion. He discovers a terrible secret as he explores the past of his family and the mansion: his great-grandfather’s avarice drove him to ally with the evil god Hastar. This hideous being dwells inside the womb of an old temple.

Performances and Graphic Narration

  • Sohum Shah portrays Vinayak as a man divided between his fear of the curse that has befallen his family and his desire for fortune. Jyoti Malshe excels as Vinayak’s grandmother, and her portrayal of a woman troubled by her history is realistic.
  • The film’s photography expertly captures the story’s bleak and dismal mood, which has earthy and dark tones. The visual effects are amazing and disturbing, especially the way Hastar is portrayed.
  • “Tumbbad” provides a comprehensive investigation of human nature, with a focus on the corrupting influence of desire and the devastating power of greed.

The movie examines themes of guilt, retaliation, and the destructive nature of desire, and the folklore aspects give the plot a sense of authenticity. The climax serves as a warning against pursuing financial wealth at the expense of one’s humanity. In contrast, the film’s portrayal of the evil god Hastar is a metaphor for the darkness that can exist within human hearts.

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6. Bhoot (2003)

Directed by Ram Gopal Varma, Bhoot is regarded as one of the best horror movies in India. The protagonist is a young woman named Priya, who, along with her husband Kailash and their small kid Karan, moves into a new apartment. Priya starts to notice odd things as soon as they move into their new house. She hears spooky noises, occasionally sees shadows, and is generally uneasy.

Performances and Graphic Narration

  • Manisha Koirala portrays Priya in a compelling way as a mother motivated by love to keep her son safe from a spirit with evil intentions. Ajay Devgan plays Kailash, Priya’s husband, who is initially unconcerned with her worries but ultimately begins to believe that paranormal powers are at work.
  • Suspense and atmospheric tension are expertly used to create a disturbing and fascinating movie experience. It’s dark and murky photography expertly captures the film’s spooky and unnerving atmosphere.
  • From subtle psychological thrills to outright terrifying moments along with subtle whispers, it delivers a chilling resolution that leaves a lasting impact on the viewer.

Beyond its gory moments, “Bhoot” delves into issues of unresolved trauma, maternal love, and the strength of belief. The otherworldly aspects of the movie are a metaphor for Priya’s inner anguish.

7. Mahal (1949)

Directed by Kamal Kumar, “Mahal” is a unique fusion of Gothic horror, romance, and reincarnation. Its evocative locale, legendary performances, and enduring influence have solidified its status as an absolute classic of Indian film.

Performances and Graphic Narration

  • The film’s atmospheric environment, gloomy hallways, creaking floors, and unsettling shadows are enhanced by the narrative’s concentration on subtly intense psychological thrills rather than overt violence or gore.
  • Hari, portrayed by Ashok Kumar, is divided between his curiosity about the paranormal and his fear of the unknown. As the ethereal Anjana, Madhubala radiates mystery and beauty; her spectral presence is felt long after the movie has ended.
  • The movie’s supernatural aspects and moody setting make it difficult to distinguish between fact and delusion. The film’s eerie mystery is enhanced by the uncertainty around whether Anjana’s ghost is a genuine being or just Hari’s imagination.

In the decades that followed, “Mahal” catalyzed a surge of horror movies, and its impact can still be observed in recent Indian horror releases. The movie’s impact goes beyond Indian cinema; it was widely acclaimed for its avant-garde use of cinematic techniques and inventive storytelling.

8. Aamis (Ravening) (2019)

Aamis, which premiered at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival, is regarded as the Indianbest horror movie. The narrative centres on Nirmali, a content paediatrician who meets a PhD candidate researching Indian dietary customs. The two immediately hit it off and experimented with unusual food patterns. The movie defies genre conventions to investigate philosophical issues regarding cannibalism and the subject of desire.

Performances and Graphic Narration

  • Ankur Bhatia portrays Somnath, a young biochemist driven to obsessive-compulsive eating and a state of ravenous curiosity, in a compelling way. Lima Das, as Nirmali, is excellent in the doctor role.
  • The distinction between cannibalistic interest and culinary pleasure is expertly blurred in this video.
  • The movie delves into the sinister underbelly of human desire, implying that the lines dividing civilisation from barbarism are frequently brittle and readily breached.
  • Beyond its unnerving story and ominous visuals, “Aamis” presents a provocative examination of human nature, especially the attraction of the forbidden and our propensity for obsession.

The movie poses concerns regarding the boundaries of human desire, the essence of identity, and the fallout from transgressing moral and ethical standards. With a bizarre plot that will satisfy even the pickiest horror enthusiast, the movie has several unnerving images, an unsettling story, and thought-provoking ideas.

9. Kothanodi (2015)

Directed by Anant Mahadevan, it is one of the best horror movies in India that takes the viewers on a haunting journey into the heart of Kerala. Grand Mother’s Tales, a well-loved work of Assamese literature, is the basis for the 2015 film Kothanodi. It focuses on the chilling and atmospheric tale of a cursed river and the supernatural forces within its depths.

Performances and Graphic Narration

  • A guy divided between his desire to defend his friends and his dread of the paranormal, Vineeth Sreenivasan gives a riveting portrayal of Vinod.
  • As Anju, the lone female member of the gang with a keen sense of intuition and a close bond with the secrets of the river, Rima Kallingal excels.
  • Kothanodi” skillfully combines psychological drama, folklore, and horror elements to create a scary and thought-provoking story. The film’s creepy atmosphere, deft use of small scares, and unrelenting pursuit of its characters give it its terrifying quality.
  • The folklore aspects make the plot more mysterious and intriguing, and the psychological drama delves into issues of revenge, remorse, and the pernicious effects of superstition.

Kothanodi is more than a horror movie. The plot is intriguing by the folklore aspects, and the psychological drama delves into issues of revenge, remorse, and the pernicious effects of superstition.

10. Pizza (2012)

Directed by Karthik Subbaraj, this Tamil-language movie is regarded as one of the best Indian horror movies. Living with his fiancée Anu, an aspiring novelist gathering material for a horror story, is pizza delivery boy Michael Karthikeyan. Michael fears everything paranormal, even if he does not believe in the supernatural. He keeps hearing from Anu that he will soon realise that supernatural entities are present until it becomes true.

Performances and Graphic Narration

  • Vijay Sethupathy, the lead actor, captures all the feelings perfectly, whether anxiety, fear, or anger. His performance ensures that there are never any dull moments.
  • It has amazing cinematography, for instance, in the haunted house scenes, where the actor’s torch sometimes serves as the only lighting source. The essential spooky atmosphere has been maintained throughout.
  • Pizza is a skillfully constructed suspense with deft camera work, spooky sound effects, and a catchy background score that manages to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

The psychological drama examines the damaging nature of fear, guilt, and retaliation. The usually scary story is given a layer of irony and comfort by the dark comedy, making it a remarkable work of horror cinema.

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With this, we conclude our list of Indian best horror movies. Fans of this genre can pick any movie from this list toexperience the perfect balance of horror, ambience, and thematic depth. All these movies manage to explore deep human emotions and arouse real dread. If you are new to the genre, you can pick movies like Stree and Pizza that combine supernatural plots with some lighthearted comedy to create an element of fun and fear together.

One can also experience the visceral thrills of “Tumbbad” and the ambient shivers of “Mahal,” which have constantly pushed limits and redefined expectations. These films are a fool-proof way to have a memorable cinematic experience because of their capacity to explore complicated human emotions and arouse real dread.


Question 1. Which is the number 1 scary horror movie?

Answer. Tumbbad is a legendary tale narrating the creation of the universe by a goddess. The storyline centres on what happens when people construct a temple in honour of their firstborn child. It is considered to be the number one scary horror movie.

Question 2. Which horror movie is banned?

Answer. The 1975 Hindi-language supernatural thriller Aandhi was outlawed in India due to claims that it showed witchcraft and black magic. Before the movie was eventually released, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, the filmmaker, had to make several cuts.

Question 3. What recent Indian horror movies are recommended?

Answer. Other than movies mentioned in the list, one can watch Bulbbul, A feminist reworking of a Bengali traditional tale released in 2020 and The Stories of the Ghost, a compilation of four short stories, each with a distinct tone and style.

Question 4. Which are the best 90s Bollywood horror movies?

Answer. Raat (1992) and Kaun (1990), directed by Ram Gopal Varma, are considered to be some of the best horror movies from the 90s.

Question 5. Which are the best Indian horror movies on Netflix?

Answer. Tumbbad (2018), Bulbbul (2020), Stree (2018), Pari (2018), and Ghost Stories (2020) are some of the best Indian horror films available on Netflix.

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