Apple launches AirPods Pro in India. Find out the specs, features, and price

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Today Apple officially launched its latest wireless earphones AirPods Pro in India for Rs. 24,900. The wireless earphones will have active noise cancellation feature.

AirPods Pro are available at Apple’s Authorised Resellers and will be compatible with devices running on iOS 13.2 or later. Additionally if you use other products such as iPad or Macbook Apple has limited user on the basis of OS those products run on. For iPad, you should have iPadOS 13.2 or later, Apple watch requires WatchOS 6.1 or later, Macs will need MacOS Catalina 10.15.1 or later.

Currently Airpods without wireless charging case is being sold at a price of Rs. 14,900 and with wireless charging case the amount shoots up by 4,000 with a final price amounting to Rs. 18,900. According to Apple, customers will be able to order wireless charging case without the airpods for Rs. 7,500.

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AirPods Pro comes with a new design and the case if different as well, it is a bit broader but not bigger, so you won’t actually face issue in carrying it around in your pocket. The in-ear design of the wireless earphone have received an upgrade as well.

To pair your AirPods Pro to all the devices you have in your iCloud account all you need to do is open the case and bring it closer to an iOS or iPadOS device and give it a tap and it will be paired. The devices that you can have on your iCloud account includes iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, iPod Touch, Mac, and Apple TV.

Talking about the new in-ear design, the current AirPods have received some criticism that they fall out of ear during exercise or running, but the all new AirPods Pro comes with 3 different sizes of silicone ear tip which are flexible and soft, and confirms a secure seal without giving any discomfort. In addition to this, AirPods Pro are water and sweat resistant.

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AirPods Pro’s active noise cancellation feature uses a software along with both of the microphones to adapt to a person’s individual ear fir in real time. This combination blocks the ambience noise from entering the ears and thus giving the user a better experience of listing via AirPods Pro.

The first microphone is face outwards and detects and analyse the external sound, the inward facing microphone detects the noise coming towards the ear. And then the software running behind the noise cancellation feature adapts to these sounds signals 12,000 times per minute, or 200 times per second.

AirPods Pro comes with Adaptive EQ, this helps it in providing the user with enhanced sound quality as it spontaneously tunes the mid and low frequencies on the basis of the shape of the ear of the person wearing them. If you do not want the noise cancellation feature you can simply switch to transparency mode by using the force press sensor present on the AirPods Pro.

Transparency mode allow users to hear the ambience sounds even while using the AirPods Pro for music, movie, podcast, ebook or anything.

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AirPods Pro have a battery life of 5 hours when listening to music but it increases drastically when wireless charging case comes into the picture. With the help of the wireless charging AirPods Pro can last for more than 24 hours when listening to music and over 18 hours when using them for calling.

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